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Do you love going outside? Is any of the following activities one of your hobbies: hiking, kayaking, cycling, paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, golf, skiing, snowboarding, kite surfing, drone flying or backpacking? Do you like to be prepared? If you answered these three questions with “Yes” then you will love this: The Skywatch BL – an ultra-compact weather station that fits into the palm of your hand and connects to your smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth. The stunning little device that looks a little like a tiny laser sword (another reasonRead More
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Hawaii, Fiji, the Maldives, Mauritius… there are so many incredible places to explore and all that stands between you and a perfect white-sand beach is a long distance flight. 10+ hours of being stuck in a tiny seat, caught next to an over-enthusiastic honeymooner couple, plagued by a screaming baby in the seat behind you and jealously looking up front where the folks in business and first class enjoy Champagne and lots of space.  No way you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed and in a good mood without something thatRead More
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The IoT is a vision of how the world can change through digital interconnection. It is based on cyber physical systems (CPS) which translate the real world into digital signals and data using sensors, electronics, software and connectivity. What are we actually doing with this data and what could we do with it in the future? Let’s take a deep dive on the IoT and it’s capabilities. The first step into the IoT is the sensing of external conditions and presentation of the digitised data; highly interesting for research butRead More
The CES delivered big time with tons of new healthcare devices – but how to make sense of all the new stuff presented at the show? We took some time to look at the mass of new ideas and innovations and sorted out the most important trends for the healthcare segment hidden in the flood of new gadgets. New Players Will Disrupt The Market While we observed that many of the former startups like FitBit or Withings seem to have grown up and now represent well-established companies there are twoRead More
Amongst the flood of cool devices these 10 inventions really captured our attention this year. Check out the crazy and useful ideas below! Kraftwerk An external battery pack isn’t exactly what we would call exciting. A pocket-sized power plant based on fuel-cell technology however is! Kraftwerk uses a mini-SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell) and standard LPG gas to produce energy – enough to charge your smartphone more than 10 times with just one fill. Nuimo Nuimo from the Berlin-based startup Senic is by far the coolest smart home, IoT and remote controllerRead More
Don’t worry we’re not going to list a bunch of wearables you can find in every magazine and blog on the planet. We rather introduce you to 7 really unique ideas that stand out and do more than tracking your activity. The Dash Ok, so our first device actually does track your activity but the way it does it and what else it can do are genius. The Dash are in-ear headphones, which consist out of two independent ear-plugs with no physical connection. The smart headphones come with a bunchRead More
Ok, this is probably not the first wearable for sports that you read about. However PIQ, a small technology-packed clip, offers some incredible new features which lift sport trackers to a new level. The evolution doesn’t come with a ton of new stuff never seen in a wearable before; which is good. Instead PIQ takes the best and most essential electronic components of mobile sports devices and combines them in a redefined and efficient way. The small multi-sport sensor weighs only 9.8 grams, measures 44 x 38 mm and is 5.4Read More
A German start-up has invented a device which helps divers to communicate under water and bridge distances of up to 20 meters. One of the biggest risks of diving is losing your partner under water – approximately 24% of diving accidents are the result of the loss of your dive “buddy”. 86% of these accidents end fatally (data according to “Divemaster”). Buddy-Watcher has to buttons for pairing and to send an alarm (picture: Buddy-Watcher) “Buddy-Watcher” wants to solve this issue. The smart wearable is attached to a strap which the user attaches toRead More
The recipe for a successful start-up? If there is one it might be something like this: Take a challenging idea like creating super-small wireless ear buds and then think about what other features you could add. For our example let’s say the headphones should be able to track sports including time, distance steps, speed, rotation, performance, g-force and more. Further it would be great to get information about key vital body data like heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature and calories burned. In order to make the project completely crazy you wantRead More
It’s summer and it’s hot these days! Jumping in a cool lake and relaxing in the sun is probably the best idea – but you know what they say: don’t stay in the sun too long it’s dangerous. Sun bathing is a real concern as increasing numbers of skin cancer among our population show the risks of too much UV rays. At the same time sunlight in the right doses is healthy as it helps our body to produce vitamin D. Sure, some of us will now say “Ah what’s all theRead More