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10 Things In Life That Are Better With RF Technology

RF technology enables the IoT and simplifies the way we cook our meals. Cool stuff, but RF can do a lot more you would not expect! Here are 10 things in live that are more fun with RF technology!


Imagine you enter a parking lot e.g. at the airport which holds space for thousands of cars and the sign at the entrance states there are 10 free spaces spread over the entire building. Searching could take you as long as the flight to Barbados you just missed! Goodbye vacation.
However most parking lots nowadays indicate where a free space is located with green and red lights on the ceiling which are easy to spot from hundreds of meters away – the space can be observed with RF tech.


Wait what? How is that connected to RF? In many underground stations there are screens mounted on the other side of the rail platforms, providing us with entertainment and news. People tend to stand near to the rails watching the screen – if a train approaches RF sensors recognise this and a warning message is displayed prompting you to take a step back. 


This feature is great. Modern cars use RF technology in order to detect vehicles and to automatically hold a preset distance to them. In this case the technology offers benefits as it works perfectly in all kinds of weather conditions and independent of daylight. For us it makes driving more convenient and also helps to avoid expensive tickets for falling below the required distance minimum. 


Walking into a shopping mall with automatic doors during winter is great. A warm wall of heated air welcomes us – with RF sensor enabled automatic doors we can safe a lot of energy by keeping the opening time to a minimum. When stepping into the bathroom after having spent to much time on the food floor RF sensors eliminate the search for light switches as it turns on lighting automatically. RF activated lighting is also a great energy saver in large public and office buildings. 


No, the little clip that pops back when your tank is full is not RF enabled. However the filling level of huge tanks such as the petrol tanks under the gas pump can be measured with RF technology. In this case the ability of RF to permeate materials, which makes it easy to cover the sensors for protection makes it easy to measure all kinds of liquids and bulk goods. With scalable distance from meters to millimetres and robustness against heat and aggressive and outgasing media RF tech is suitable for all kinds and sizes of tanks. 


Low power RF technology is used in mobile traffic lights at construction sites. Getting activated when a car drives through and switching to red on the other side stops us from arguing about who backs up when we are surprised by another car in the middle of a kilometre long one lane construction side. Thanks RF for saving us all the hassle!


RF technology in motion detectors is used to build effective burglar alarm systems and security applications. In such applications the measurement accuracy is very precise – however there are systems surveilling a huge area and up to hundreds of meters of distance in order to protect military areas or prisons.


Yep, that’s right! The water taps and soap dispensers turning on automatically and touch-free also use RF technology. No more touching of unpleasant toilet flush buttons, blow dryers and taps. RF technology just saved you from an ugly infection which could have been hard to explain to the doctor!


Watching tennis, baseball or football is just so much more fun when you know how fast that ball is. Data which is brought to you by RF technology. In addition it can be used to measure the speed of athletes in sprinting, skiing or cycling. 


The police applies RF technology in radar traps in order to reinforce speed limits. Wait, that does not count as “making our lives easier”. It can also be used to detect red light violations – nope not making our lives easier (I am expecting you to do this only by mistake…). However RF technology is also employed in traffic light control and in traffic counting applications helping the police to optimise the green phases of traffic lights ensuring a smooth traffic flow. Saves us time, right? That counts as number 10!

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