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13 Tech Gadgets for a Better Experience at Embedded World 2015

Business trips can be a real pain – exhibitions like the embedded World can get really stressful and frustrating. With tons of meetings you have the constant feeling of running behind and completely forget to enjoy the great flair and amazing demos at the show. We listed 13 useful tech gadgets that will make you more efficient, productive and help you to take a breath and just enjoy the show!



You check in for your flight, enjoy a quick nap and – oh no! your Luggage is gone! Trakdot is a small device you can pack with your other belongings and track your baggage. As soon as you are on the ground you can check if your bags were sent to the right airport, and if not you know exactly where they are and you’ll be able to arrange the delivery to your hotel room immediately.



All of us will know the feeling of having forgotten something really important. One of the worst things is to be not sure if you locked your doors. Danalock enables you to lock and control your doors from anywhere in the world via smartphone.



At an international exhibition most people speak English – some don’t. Sigmo got you covered! The smart device translates 25 different languages in real time.



Kraftwerk, currently on Kickstarter, is a crowd funded portable power plant. The small fuel cell can be filled with standard gas (as used in lighters) and charge your iPhone 11 times before it needs to be refuelled. The device already reached over $1.2 million, more than twice the amount of the original goal.



Wocket replaces your entire wallet with a single card and interchangable accessories to carry cash and other essentials. The cool device helps you to get rid of all the different cards in your pocket and automatically becomes the card you select.



The echo smartpen records everything you write, hear or say. You can easily replay and share your meetings or lectures simply by tapping on your notes or transfer them to your computer via USB cable.

Logitech K480 Keyboard


This ultra-portable keyboard enables you to connect three Bluetooth devices at once – e.g. your phone, tablet and laptop. You can use the K480 with Windows, MAC, Android and iOS and switch between connected devices with an “easy-switch” dial on the upper left.

LaCie RuggedKey


Exhibitions are very demanding not only for you but also your devices. The LaCie RuggedKey USB storage is built to withstand accidental drops from heights far above what you’d encounter on your way to the show. Its rubber construction is 100-meter drop-resistant and it protects your data from the inside with AES 256-bit encryption.

LG G Watch R

lg g watch r

The LG G Watch R combines inconspicuous looks with the full functionality of a smart watch which makes it a perfect companion on tradeshows. The wearable is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, 1.2GHz processor and uses the Android Wear OS.

Power Card


This ultra-portable power bank stands out due to the small dimensions and the comprehensive equipment. The small emergency reserve power device features a 3-in-1 tip with chargers for iPhones/iPads of all generations and Android smartphones.

ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer

pocket printer

Equipped with an unique mechanical drive system, WiFi connectivity for connecting to mobile devices and a battery that provides a full hour of printing, this little printer is not limited to standard paper sizes. No more waiting at the hotel reception to print your ticket for the show!

Bose QuietComfort® 20i


Need to concentrate or just relax and cut off the noise of the people around you? The Bose Quiet Comfort 20i in-ear headphones can help you, equipped with sophisticated noise cancelling technology they will block the outside world.



This smart tag can be attached to nearly anything and help you to locate and find belongings like keys, wallets, phones and tablets. Among all features the coolest are the alert which is triggered if a tag gets out of a predefined range and the community search function.

Want to simplify staying on top of the embedded World 2015? Get all updates on our Event Live Wall! For some great conversations, tech-talk and inspiring demos visit EBV in hall A5 booth 276! 

See you at the show!