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Lighting Academy 2016 – Three Reasons Why To Attend

March is the month of the year, which most people in the northern hemisphere associate with the end of the winter season. In fact, meteorologically as well as astronomically, it marks the beginning of spring. The season when perceptibly and visibly daylight lasts longer. Maybe it is just a coincident, that right at this time two events will take place which are related to lighting, and even at the same place.

World’s Leading Lighting Trade Fair

On the one hand there’s the world’s leading exhibition for architecture and technology taking place in Frankfurt am Main: Light+Building. Amongst others, the trade fair targets architects, designers, engineers, and artisans and covers topics like lighting, electrical engineering, house and building automation. Expectations are high about all the innovations and also the unique atmosphere the event offers each time. Leading companies from the lighting sector, such as the EBV partners OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and ON Semiconductor, will be showcasing their solutions from March 13th to 18th at the area of Messe Frankfurt.

EBV Lighting Segment

A Lighting Conference You Must Not Miss

Just around the corner, you will have the chance to dive deeper into the world of future lighting. Be there, when experts from the lighting sector will meet on March 16th to 17th at the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt am Main. The EBV Lighting Academy conference is a must for everybody from the lighting industry, research institutes and universities. And here is why you definitely must not miss it. Firstly, kill two birds with one stone: There’s of course the close-by event at the Messe Frankfurt. You will only need to travel once to Frankfurt in order to visit two of the most important lighting happenings taking place. Secondly, listen to leading experts: We are delighted to say that we could win international representatives from leading companies, research institutes and universities to give their speeches. The topics are numerous, diverse and promising. Just have a look at the agenda and convince yourself.

Meet a Nobel Prize Laureate

Last but definitely not least, we are very proud to announce that during the conference you will have the chance to meet a Nobel Prize Laureate. “Invention of the blue LED and future of Solid State Lighting” will the subject of Prof. Shuji Nakamura’s speech. The Japanese-born American electro engineer is going to introduce the blue light-emitting diode. This major breakthrough in lighting technology allows white light to be created energy-efficiently. Blue LED also attract consumers due to their visually similarity compared to incandescent bulbs.

So if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and are keen to experience lighting’s cutting-edge and future developments, come to Frankfurt in March. All you need to do is to visit our event webpage and register. You won’t regret to seize the opportunity.