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4 Reasons Why You Should Attend The ASDF!

There are tons of events in our industry which want you to attend and try to capture you with everything from free development kits to knowledge “you won’t get anywhere else”. With tight schedules and every information already uploaded to the internet it can be hard to choose an event or to justify why you should take the effort and travel to a venue.
We can certainly feel you. However there are some happenings which are real game changers – here is one of them: The Altera SoC Developers Forum (ASDF), which will take place in Frankfurt October 14, 2015.
You don’t believe us just like that? Here are 4 reason why you should definitely consider to attend!

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You Could Accelerate Your Next Project

Performance improvement, cost savings, board space reduction and power savings are some of the key benefits coming to mind when thinking about SoC FPGAs. While this is all great, the real news is the performance of SoC FPGAs in regards of hardware acceleration. Whether you add FPGA acceleration boards to large systems or a single device by offloading CPU functions to the FPGA you can crucially improve and boost your system performance while maintaining an acceptable power and cost envelope.

Altera calls this custom hardware accelerator approach “Fine-grained Heterogeneous Computing”. We call it “enough reason to register free for the ASDF now!

You Should Really Know This Guy

With this guy we mean the person that can help you to improve your next product, to share the advice you need to solve a problem or to build your next sustainable business relationship. With a mix of hardware engineers and managers, software developers, system architects, firmware/embedded design engineers and all kinds of users of ASICs, digital signal processors (DSPs), FPGAs, SoCs, microcontrollers (MCUs), CPUs, and graphics processing units (GPUs) chances are that you won’t waste your time talking to the guy next to you at the ASDF.

Choose How To Make The Most Of Your Day

The ASDF program offers enough to fill four days. Choose from hardware and software tracks or attend a SoC hands-on-session and build your own schedule that fits your needs. Exhausted? Don’t go to class and still learn as there is also an exhibition! The who’s who of the electronics industry will present with big names such as EBV, Micron and ARM. Real application examples from Altera partners and customers who have already tried and proven this technology will punctuate the success of the ARM-based SoC FPGA system approach and move well beyond the theory to practical applications.

Be The First

…one to join! The ASDF is a new event and the concept is a modern mix of technical sessions and conference which is tailored to everyone who wants to take away as much as possible from the day in Frankfurt. As increasing semiconductor manufacturing costs are causing other processor and DSP roadmaps to consolidate or come to an end for all but a handful of markets, the roadmap for SoC FPGAs is just beginning, making this the perfect time to invest in this technology.

Did we convince you? If so click here to register free now!