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7 Exciting Indiegogo Campaigns to watch this Week

Let’s check out the best and most promising tech ideas on Indiegogo of the last days. Here are our top 7 picks you might consider to back this week.

Nano Drone

1 nano drone

Learn to fly with the world’s smallest drone, coming with 6-axis stabilisation and a remote control. The Indiegogo campaign launched February 4 and already reached the $15,246 funding goal.


2 scooter

This foldable electric scooter weighs only 10 kg thanks to new direct drive brushless engine system. Indiegogo goal: $50.000

Coolest Clock

3 coolest clock

This “cool” multi-purpose device beams a variety of information, including notifications, date, time, local weather and more on your wall. Indiegogo goal: $20.000

Luna Smartbed

4 luna

The world’s smartest mattress cover is capable of sleep tracking, smart home integration, auto learning and smart alarms but the best feature: the dual zone temperature regulates each side of the bed separately! The Indiegogo campaign launched January 27 and already reached the $100.000 funding goal.


5 broogs

Broogs is a smart lamp that handles your calls, messages, notifications and a high-quality bluetooth speaker in one package. Indiegogo goal: $50.000


6 cup

The “lovers smart cup” Enatcup connects a set of two cups to the smartphones of the lovers and whenever your beloved one fills her/his cup yours will lighten up. Indiegogo goal: $50.000

The Juicer

7 juicer

Ever run out of battery with your phone while having your tablet fully loaded with you? Here is a solution: The Juicer lets you distribute and transfer energy between your devices. Indiegogo goal: $65.000