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8 Startups With The Potential To Disrupt The IoT Market

What makes a startup incubator successful? The facilities, the mentors, the partners, the program structure, the investors, the business partners, the experience – all true but ultimately it comes down to one core skill: selecting the most promising startups and ideas.

Many incubators try to eliminate the risk of choosing the “wrong” startups by approaching things differently and supporting a huge number of entrepreneurs hoping that several of them might go through the roof and will be successful enough to justify the investments.

That might be called the “wild-west style” of startup acceleration. In many cases it’s a huge waste of time and money (although we acknowledge that there are some good reasons to give many young innovators a chance).

However, there is another method which is more “filigree” and which is how the French startup incubator “Le Connected Camp” is approaching this difficult task.

Startup Incubator Le Connected Camp Kicks-Off

We reported before about the promising high-tech environment of the accelerator in Toulouse, which is part of the IoT Valley, surrounded by 35 digital businesses, a huge number of mentors as well as several leading technology universities located in its proximity.

With an extensive business network including partners like SigFox, Intel, EBV Elektronik and others the incubator seems to be a great choice for entrepreneurs. In late September 2015 the project to find the best IoT startups was kicked off and teams from all over the world have been invited to apply for the 9 months program.

The 8 most promising ventures out of over 100 applications from 16 countries have been filtered out and have been invited to attend the first round of the camp.

Le Connected Camp Startups
Group shot of the participants of the first Le Connected Camp

It has been a prerequisite for all the selected startups to demonstrate experience with first prototypes and a business plan which proofs the potential value of the idea. In addition the projects had to be a good fit for the high-tech support structure of the camp which is targeted at IoT technology including development, marketing, supply chain and other B2B services.

Through extensive support and careful selection of participants the incubator will be able to accompany the projects all the way to mass production according to Simon Vacher, the manager of Le Connected Camp.

8 Startups Qualified For The First Round Of The Camp

Let’s take a look at the most important factor for any accelerator – the participants. 8 startups convinced the experts from IoT Valley that they have what it takes to translate their ideas into a successful future.


Donéclé developed a drone system which is able to detect defects on aircrafts caused by lighting. Taking into account that on average every commercial aircraft is hit by lighting once a year and that Donéclé aims to reduce the inspection time significantly, which impacts cost for staff, space and cancelled flights there is a huge market for this solution.


EyeLights is best described as head-up display for motorcyclists. The technology integrates navigation information into the field of view and projects all relevant data directly on the road ahead. The idea aims to reduce the risk which results from taking the eyes of the road in order to check the navigation system.

EyeLights Simulation
EyeLights is comparable to a head-up display integrated in a helmet (image: EyeLights)


FlipR is a monitoring system for the water quality of your pool. Don’t have one? Here is why it matters: The biggest challenge when maintaining your own pool or public swimming facilities is to keep them clean. You do so by adding chemicals based on colour codes on test strips which in many cases isn’t very accurate. The FlipR sensor is installed in the pool in order to analyse your water quality more precisely. It sends the measured data to your smartphone and tells you exactly how much and which kind of chemicals you need to add in order to find the perfect balance in water quality.

FlipR App
FlipR sends data on the water quality of your pool directly to your smartphone (image: FlipR)


Lowiee aims to reduce tobacco consumption through a connected package of cigarettes. The smart cigarette pack made from aluminium features an integrated fingerprint reader to protect children from accessing your smokes. In order to help you to reduce or stop smoking the connected app let’s you set goals, define intervals in which you can access cigarettes, shows you savings and progress and even can connect to friends’ packs in order to compare your results to theirs.

Pack Editions

Pack Editions develops small beacons called “Truks” which are able to send information to users. Imagine them like little read more tags attached to physical objects. This means you could get the current bus schedule if your close to a bus stop, checkout the menu of the restaurant your standing in front off before entering or even access the maintenance history of a machine which you are repairing.

Truk beacon from Pack Editions
Get store information as soon as you enter with Truk (image: Pack Editions Facebook)


Parkisseo is a system which can detect outdoor parking through sensors. In addition it makes it feasible to pay parking tickets without coins or credit cards but online as it can detect registered cars and records the time they are parked in a space in order to send you an invoice with your parking costs at the end of the month.

editor’s note: don’t speak french? switch on the YouTube subtitles for the video above.


Skylights offers airlines to boost their brand and reputation on cabin innovation, and if desired to generate ancillary revenue by giving passengers an immersive cinema experience. Passengers can enjoy an immersive 2D/3D movie-viewing experience through the use of specially designed portable glasses. Skylights associates its glasses with software, flight servicing and device management to offer airlines a turnkey solution.

Skylights SkyTheatre
The SkyLights SkyTheatre glasses (image: SkyLights)


Ubeeko is a big data analysis platform which is able to provide extensive, real-time analytics for the industrial IoT. The scalable, flexible and modular platform solution is able to address the needs of smart buildings, smart businesses as well as companies active in the transportation industry. Data from sensors, smart meters, control systems, open data and uncountable more options can be accessed through the “HFactory” which allows you to build a custom solution without writing code but through generating code within the HFactory Studio. 

HFactory by Ubeeko
HFactory by Ubeeko smart buildings use case – a central monitoring system (image: Ubeeko)

Stay tuned for the first results as we will keep you updated on our blog on the progress of the startups as well as the next rounds of the camp (You are an entrepreneur yourself? Pitch your idea here).