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Add Hardware Security To Your Design Without Sacrificing Fast Development Times

If you’re an electronics developer designing IoT or other connected applications you will know two things: Firstly, fast-time-to-market is a key to success. Secondly, security is a complex feature to implement, however it’s of great importance.

Another truth you probably are aware of is that a vast amount of devices currently on the market compromise security for more competitive retail price and quicker release. With the rising number of cyber-attacks system designers will need to rethink their security structures and implement advanced security features while meeting strict development deadlines.

In this context the lately released MAXQ1061 DeepCover® crypto controller from Maxim Integrated is a very welcome solution that simplifies the design of products with an added level of trust.

This new chip enables security to be implemented into endpoints of a network without extending the time-to-market. This is achieved through the “cryptographic toolbox” which enables features such as key generation, secure storage, digital signatures, and SSL/TLS/DTLS encryption as well as secure boot for most host processors without the requirement for firmware development.

The MAXQ1061 TLS Controller

So that sounds all good but there is another highlight hidden in the specs of the MAXQ1061. The device includes a separate hardware AES engine over SPI slave with a dedicated DMA channel. This allows for off-loading a host processor and fast 128-Bit AES stream encryption (up to 20Mb/s) supporting AES-GCM and AES-ECB modes which results in highly secure communication.

Additional security features for integrity and authentication include cryptographic algorithms like ECC (up to NIST P-521), ECDSA signature generation and verification, SHA-2 (up to SHA-512) secure hash, AES-128/-256 with support for ECB, CBC, GCM and CCM modes, and MAC digest. Furthermore the chip offers 32KB of user programmable secure EEPROM for storing certificates, public keys, private and secret keys, and arbitrary user data.

The turnkey security solution easily integrates into Linux and other environments

The EAL4+ compliant turnkey solution is also quite robust, withstanding extreme industrial environments with operating temperature range of -40°C up to +109°C, and is available in TSSOP-14 package.

In a nutshell, with the MAXQ1061 Maxim Integrated offers designers a powerful yet easy-to-use cryptographic controller which allows for advanced security features without compromising fast development times.

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