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Archimej Technology Revolutionises Health Monitoring with Spectroscopy 2.0

The startup Archimej is working on a disruptive technology called “Spectroscopy 2.0”. The small team is based in Paris, France and Shanghai, China and uses optical technology to analyse blood.

The chemical analysis of blood is accomplished via absorption spectroscopy, a technology which has not been updated for nearly 40 years. Currently blood testing is done in hospitals and laboratories using big machines and costing a lot of time and money. The biochemical analysis of blood delivers valuable information which is necessary to evaluate the general health condition of a person and to diagnose and follow a chronic disease. It can further be used to control medication of patients.

Archimej’s Spectroscopy 2.0 aims to simplify chemical blood analysis and to develop a device which is small and cost efficient enough to make the technology available to people who are living in remote areas with limited access to medical service and to people who are not able to afford the expensive diagnosis in a hospital. To do so the team uses LED chips and optical technology to get very accurate data (see picture below).

sec 2.0

Spectroscopy 2.0 (image: Archimej)

Archimej is closer than ever before to release the “Beta BioLED”. The small hand-held device is able to perform the chemical analysis with a very small amount (a drop) of blood and within a very short amount of time. The Beta BioLED could revolutionise current health monitoring as it offers the possibility to perform tests from anywhere and to send the data directly to your smartphone. The measurements are displayed in easy-to-understand diagrams and charts on your smart device and give you a comprehensive overview of your current state of health. Furthermore, based on the history of measurements and changes in your blood Beta BioLED can alert you when a new disease is detected before you show symptoms. In addition data can be shared with a physician for immediate assistance.

The innovative health device could diagnose 15 persons for the same price of just one test nowadays! This also means that one analysis per week in a month would cost you less than a cup of coffee. See how it works and how the Beta BioLED could enhance blood testing in this video:

Learn more about Archimej and the great team behind the project in this clip:

featured image: Archimej/Facebook