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Are You An Adventurer? Then You Will Love The Skywatch® BL

Do you love going outside? Is any of the following activities one of your hobbies: hiking, kayaking, cycling, paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, golf, skiing, snowboarding, kite surfing, drone flying or backpacking? Do you like to be prepared?

If you answered these three questions with “Yes” then you will love this: The Skywatch BL – an ultra-compact weather station that fits into the palm of your hand and connects to your smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth.

The stunning little device that looks a little like a tiny laser sword (another reason to love this thing!) accurately measures wind speed and direction, temperature including wind chill/heat index, humidity, pressure, altitude, and UV index.

The Skywatch BL is probably the first weather station that can be worn on a backpack

Integrating those impressive features into the tiny aluminum case required some Swiss high-tech engineering from JDC Electronics SA and some sophisticated semiconductor components. Yet, as the Swiss are building the best watches in the world it’s no surprise that the outcome looks rock-solid and works like a clock. In order to keep quality and robustness up to the highest standards the device is entirely Swiss-made.

So we know it can do a lot and it’s close to unbreakable; now let’s check if the small weather station can also keep up with the needs of the modern and adventurous outdoor enthusiast.

Firstly and probably most importantly: It’s really straightforward to use and easy to take along as it can be attached to nearly anything from your backpack to your tent or simply slide into a trouser pocket.
“Wearing” or placing the Skywatch BL somewhere outside, exposed to the elements enables you to take advantage of the tracking mode in which the device automatically records measurements at pre-set time intervals. This allows you to follow the evolution of the various weather factors during your flight, trek or sports session and also to determine weather-trends to bring the accurate equipment.

The Skywatch App enables you to access, visualize and share measured data as easy as pie

Are you hunting not just for adrenaline but also for likes? Then there’s more good news: The Skywatch App makes it easy to share the measurements along with pictures of your adventures across all important social networks and a dedicated community where the data points are mapped all over the globe.
Even if you don’t possess a Skywatch device it is great fun to click through the data points and checkout the pictures of the community (Want to give it a try? Click here!).

Get some more impressions of the device in the video below and click here to get one!

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