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Artificial Intelligence Will Alter The Way We Work

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More than twenty issues of the EBV knowledge magazine „The Quintessence“ have been published already throughout the past couple of years. The topics of the magazines have been diverse and – besides being informative and explanatory – also frequently gave room and opportunity for controversial discussions. The next one with the subject “Artificial Intelligence” will most likely not lag behind in this respect.

In the technology landscape, hardly any other (future) technology topic is currently being discussed more heavily and heatedly debated like Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as AI. It’s like with every unknown, new aspects and innovations. They cause certain reservations and fears to many people. Those even feel vindicated if famous scientists and influencers like Stephen Hawking or Elon Musk argue in the same direction and express their concerns towards artificial intelligence. That’s why it is crucial to conducting educational work about a technology that already penetrates the society more than most people can imagine and are aware of. That is something that “The Quintessence of Artificial Intelligence” wants to achieve, to talk about and explain a subject that is unknown territory for many people.

When David, the android robot, played by Haley Joel Osment, flickered across the screens in 2001 in Steven Spielberg’s science fiction drama film A.I., the majority of us was surely fascinated and also a little bit frightened at the same time. At that time “it was just a movie”. Today artificial intelligence is a real market and it is opening up prospects for businesses. The rapid development of semiconductors and the programming of self-teaching algorithms play an essential part in this progress.

Numbers speak a clear language. Acquisitions in the AI sector increased by a factor of 4.6 in the last five years (2012-2016) and investments even almost multiplied by the factor nine according to an analysis of CBinsights. These investments were mainly made in areas like machine learning, image recognition or voice recognition. This goes along with investments and the development of more powerful electronic components, especially processing power. But also sensor technology, hardware accelerators or digital storage media play an important role for the success of AI applications.

Artificial intelligence made its entry in people’s everyday life for quite a while already. Many people are not aware of it but speech recognition systems, predictive maintenance of industrial robots or chat bots (software that answers questions of the users) belong to them. The systems are supposed to support people in production, medicine, research or other areas.

Artificial Intelligence Interview Amelio
William Amelio, Chief Executive Officer at Avnet, Inc.

“AI will alter the way we work, make decisions and structure our business models”, William Amelio believes.

An interview with the CEO of Avnet Inc. can be read in “The Quintessence of Artificial Intelligence”.

What else does the magazine offer you? Read about the technology that makes artificial intelligence a reality. Sensors are the eyes and ears of AI and new architectures make chips increasingly powerful and deliver better performance. The collection, processing and classification of data is important for the development of machine-learning algorithms. The magazine also provides examples of applications for various areas, so you can get an impression of how much artificial intelligence in already in place. Visions and views will be discussed by industry experts, as well as the opportunities and challenges AI technology implies, fears and concerns will be addressed.

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If you have ever asked yourself what artificial intelligence is all about and want to understand how it will be realised, then you must read the next issue of the EBV knowledge magazine “The Quintessence of Artificial Intelligence”. Just order your own free copy on our website, either hard-copied or as electronic version for your tablet or smartphone.