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Ayrton’s Lighting Solutions are LED Rockstars!

Have you ever pictured a pop concert without the light show in your mind? Thousands of people standing and cheering in front of a dark stage – something we can’t even imagine. We want a show and we want it to be mind-blowing. In fact we want it to look exactly like the one of rapper “Wiz Khalifa” in the cover picture of this post.
The stunning light beams on the stage are created by the French lighting company Ayrton, specialised in developing intelligent LED light products for entertainment and architectural applications. 

During last month’s Prolight + Sound 2015 in Frankfurt, an international fair for technologies and services for events, installation and production, the Paris-based company introduced 7 new products. Ayrton released three fixtures to its Creative Solutions line, two unique specimens to its Imaging Displays portfolio and a further two additions to its Automated Luminaires range. As you can see in the video below these new products can create incredible light effects.

The combination of the first 94mm diameter narrow beam angle collimator with the latest generation high-power (40W or 60W) Osram multi chip LED creates tighter beams with an unrivalled centre beam intensity which Ayrton has incorporated into the three new Creative Solutions MagicDot™-R, CosmoPix™-R and VersaPix™-RS.

MagicDot™-R is the first professional moving head LED luminaire with a single optical collimator using brand new 60W RGBW multichip LED with a light-emitting surface of 8mm2 that delivers an intense 4.5° beam with a central beam intensity of 180,000 candelas. The luminaire’s minimalist cylindrical design capable of continuous double rotation on the pan & tilt axes, allows the user to create groups of luminaires and control each light emitter individually in all directions.
So what does the MagicDot™-R look like in action? Well, the video below describes best…

CosmoPix™-R is an entirely new luminaire based on the concept of the famous PAR36 double-rotation spheres that date back to the early ‘80s. The revamped design takes 12 of the highly efficient new 94mm optics and generates 12 shafts of coloured light that can be controlled separately in all directions and driven in continuous pan and tilt rotation to create exhilarating, original effects – as you can see below.

VersaPix™-RS puts the new high-efficiency 94mm diameter optical system, which required more than two years of development and perfection in combination with a 4mm2 40W RGBW multichip to produce five 3.5° beams with a central beam intensity of 200 candela per lumen.

The cooling system for these three new products is also new with a copper circuit board on the heat pipe along with a one-piece aluminium heat sink allowing for better and more efficient thermal conduction.

So next time you’re standing in the crowd you’ll know who the silent star of the show is!