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Bare Conductive – Paint your World with Unlimited Possibilities

Let’s start with some quick facts about this amazing company: Bare Conductive is a design and technology studio based in East London, UK. The small, yet unbelievably creative team has developed non-toxic electrically conductive paint a few years back. The start-up was formed by students of the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London – since their graduation the guys from Bare Conductive developed accessible platforms for people to get creative with “Electric Paint”. The most versatile one might be the “Touch Board” offering incredible design freedom which has resulted in some stunning projects and applications. 


The “Electric Paint”

There are several reasons that make the ink invented by Bare Conductive unique. It is non-toxic which is important especially if you want to use it to draw circuits in places like your kitchen or on textiles. It’s made out of low-cost materials which makes it cheap enough to use it on big surfaces such as posters. The paint can be used as capacitive touch sensor but also works as proximity sensor and works through other materials which enables you to hide the paint under another coating or surface.


The 10 ml Electric Paint Tube


Electric Paint Workflow

Click here to download the Electric Paint Tech Data Sheet

The “Touch Board”

The Touch Board is a hardware piece transforming Electric Paint sensor data into sound, light or data in the cloud. The board is equipped with 12 electrodes, a 3.5mm stereo audio output socket, micro SD card for MP3 playback and data logging, micro USB for power and connectivity and lithium polymer cell input for power. Powered through an Atmel ATmega32u4 chip and being Arduino Shield compatible the board works straight out of the box and can be connected to anything conductive turning almost any material or surface into a sensor.


Connect everything with the Touch Board


Touch Board Unboxing

What’s on the Board:

Click here to download the Touch Board Tech Data Sheet

Unlimited Design Freedom

Bare Conductive offers not only affordable hardware, kits and accessories such as LEDs and pin batteries but also an amazing pool filled with tutorials for creations achieved with the conductive paint. Every maker can share own projects and tutorials on the platform which makes it a growing collection of Electric Paint and Touch Board projects and how-to entries.


Electric Card

Further the start-up provides educational products which are tailored for smaller projects and are intended to be used in schools to teach students of all ages the fundamentals of electronics such as resistance, circuitry, polarity or voltage.


The Glowing House Set


Contents of the Set


The Finished Houses


Let’s take a look at some little projects showcasing the abilities of Bare Conductive’s Touch Board and Electric Paint.

Touch Board Enabled Kitchen Drums

Proximity Sensor with Electric Paint

Stunning Animated Wall

You can get your own paint and board to start realising own ideas here and scroll through the available tutorials here

We are looking forward to follow up on this post to keep you updated on future projects and highlights around Bare Conductive!

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