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Beast Helps You To Get Ripped!

Beast is not just another activity tracker. The smart sensor is specifically designed to support and enhance fitness and is able to monitor nearly every exercise in order to help you to build force and muscles.


Beast sensor (picture: Beast)

The small device measuring 20x15x45 mm and weighing only 40 grams can keep track of up to 50 repetitions per second. Beast provides information about the strength, the speed, the power and the explosiveness of each single rep. The wearable which was developed in Milan, Italy is equipped with a magnet which allows you to attach the small tracker to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or gym machines. In addition you can wear Beast on your back with the Beast vest or on your arm with the Beast bracelet to monitor bodyweight exercises.


Exercise data is monitored and displayed in real-time (picture: Beast/Indiegogo)


Beast can be attached to the dumbbell, your body or even to other gym machines (picture: Beast/Indiegogo)

The broad range of workout parameters which can be tracked and displayed in the app of your smartphone or tablet in real-time allows you to get a clear picture about your performance (see picture below). Further you can improve and optimise your training sessions. 20140515081731-Senza_titolo-2-01

Workout parameters Beast tracks while you workout (picture: Beast/Indiegogo)

All fitness data is also sent to the cloud and can be accessed in the personal Beast profile of the user. The gathered data is used to create a muscular profile and to suggest the best training loads. In addition to the advanced analysis tools and presentation methods the web portal also offers the ability to plan your workout routine and customise your exercises. The pre-planned sessions can then be sent to your smartphone which make them accessible in the gym.


Data can be analysed in depth on a PC (picture: Beast/Indiegogo)

Beast can be purchased for $249 online. For owners of a smartwatch there will soon be a cheaper version which comes in form of an Android app that uses the onboard motion sensors to track your movements in the gym. Training data can be saved and reviewed in the S Health platform.