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The Blaze Burner Is A High-Tech Light For Your Bike

Three years ago cycling got a well-deserved safety update. On 27 November 2012 the UK-based startup Blaze launched the Kickstarter campaign for its “Laserlight” which is a powerful LED light combined with a direct-diode green laser that projects a symbol of a bike onto the road ahead and makes cyclists far more visible.


The Blaze Laserlight in action at dusk (image: Blaze)

The perfectly engineered bicycle light is a real lifesaver which minimises the risk for cyclists to be run over by turning vehicles. Now, three years after the first successful Kickstarter campaign the Blaze team has launched a second and similar impressive Kickstarter project: The Blaze “Burner”.


The Burner from Blaze (image: Blaze/Kickstarter)

The Burner is a bicycle back light which required three years of engineering! And no, the guys from Blaze have not been taking it slow, they invested a lot of knowledge, work and creativity in what we dare to say is the best bicycle backlight you can get.

The Burner comes with features and specs which would even sound good in a modern vehicle. With 100lm of bright red light (or white for the front Burner) visible from an angle larger than 180° created by 24 LEDs chances are no one will overlook you.

An integrated light sensor takes care of switching the light on and off for you. Riding your bike through tunnels or at dusk? No worries, about forgetting to switch on your light. For better daylight visibility you can also switch the light on manually.

burner action

The Burner in “action” (image: Blaze/Kickstarter)

The next cool feature are the light patterns of the Burner. It can emit light continuously or in preset patterns – you can still make your own suggestions on which patterns you would like to see on the end product on Kickstarter. With more than 60 levels of brightness for each LED possibilities are endless.

In order to charge the Burner you just pull it out of the magnetic bracket which holds it in place on your bike and snap on the magnetic charging cable. Why not using an usual USB-port? Because the futuristic light is sealed to be completely waterproof. In fact you could take it and attach it to your surfboard if you’d be worried about being run over by a dolphin.

Like the Laserlight the Burner is protected by a strong and beautifully designed aluminium case (even Apple could be proud of the simplistic design).

Get some more impressions in this video:

Got a bike? Like to ride on it? Click here to get the Burner by supporting Blaze’s new Kickstarter campaign with £30 or spend £65 to get the Burner Back Light together with the White Burner Combo.

We hope we will see another technology highlight which we can attach to our bikes from Blaze. Maybe in three years on Kickstarter…?

cover image: Blaze/Kickstarter