About this Blog

This Blog is the voice of EBV Elektronik and its employees.

We are enthusiastic about electronic components and the embedded design world. We are driven by the visions to connect people, to make life easier, to stop environmental pollution and all the other possibilities the semiconductor branch offers. In our daily lives, we are dedicated to provide our customers with great service; in this blog we express our thoughts, talk about trends, EBV happenings and want to share our minds with everyone interested. We love to discuss everything that is connected to technology and we welcome all to join the conversation.

EBV Elektronik is a leading specialist in semiconductor distribution – we are constantly looking for new and beneficial solutions for our customers as well as for our suppliers. Our expertise reaches from application design, logistics, business development to supply chain management and market forecasting. Whenever we find a hidden treasure whether it is a thought, video, new product or market development we will share it with you in this blog.

As a distributor, we also feel honored to have our suppliers and business partners expressing their opinion in our guest blogging section. In addition, we have created our social “Live Wall” which displays Social Media posts of EBV and other semiconductor manufacturers on one interactive page. Be sure to check back from time to time as we will host Twitter interviews and much more on it.

Learn about it here: The EBV LiveWall explained.