The EBV LiveWall explained

Our EBV LiveWall refers to a homepage that displays live Social Media feeds similar to a sports live ticker.

These feeds can be adapted to whatever event, happening or topic we focus on. If there is too much going on, we may simply duplicate it and host different things on different walls.

Each of these LiveWalls can be reached via a unique URL making it easy for you to follow a topic.

The design is flexible and it will work with all your mobile devices similar to how it works on your desktop PC.

The greatest thing is, you do not need a Social Media account to follow the action! Only if you like our content and want to share it you need to have a profile in a Social Network.

Due to the great input our suppliers, customers and others deliver we will open up the Wall via Twitter Hashtags whenever it makes sense to support and ensure a bi-directional conversation and to display Twitter interviews with third persons in one place.

Stay up to date on everything around EBV and the electronics industry with our EBV Blog and our LiveWalls!

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