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Broadcom Reveals New Technology at PCIM Europe 2018

Broadcom Power over Fiber Cover

One of EBV Elektronik´s main supplier partners, Broadcom Inc. showcased its leading optocoupler and industrial fiber solutions at the PCIM Europe this month. PCIM is the leading trade fair for products, topics and trends in power electronics and applications –and has attracted international visitors to Nuremberg since 1979. This year, more than 500 exhibitors (more than half of them from abroad) presented their products and solutions to the public. Broadcom demoed its isolated sigma-delta modulators and optical power component products. Broadcom´s Power over Fiber products are new to Broadcom’s comprehensive portfolio. Power over Fiber allows the transfer of laser power from a high power laser through a glass fiber to a photovoltaic converter – transforming the light power into electricity. The key benefit of this technology is that glass fiber provides 100% galvanic isolation.

Broadcom Power over Fiber
Broadcom AFBR-POCxxxL family optical power converters

Broadcom offers power converters aimed at power over fiber applications. Depending on the desired output voltage, there are two main products. The AFBR-POC206L and the AFBR-POC406L, both optical power converters delivering a minimum of 6VDC. The former features an FC port, whereas the latter features an ST po rt. For 3V and 3.3V applications, the AFBR-POC204L and AFBR-POC404L are the most suitable. All of these new devices belong to this new Optical Power Components family of products. They convert optical power to electrical power for applications requiring complete electrical isolation in highly demanding industrial environments and applications. They provide an excellent alternative to battery or inductive solutions because optical fiber can withstand high voltage, electromagnetic inductance or strong magnetic fields.

Applications involving high voltage current sensors and transducers, E-field and H-field probes, MRI/RF imaging coils and patient monitoring equipment, power conditioning circuitry, wireless transmitters or aircraft sensors and transducers can all be powered with these new devices from Broadcom.

The AFBR-POCxxxL Power over Fiber (PoF) components are RoHS-compliant and provide 100% galvanic isolation. They supply up to 600mW of electrical power over the full operating range and are able to operate in a temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. An easy heat sink mounting for thermal control is also feasible.

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