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Buddy-Watcher Is A Smart Wearable Keeping Divers Safe

A German start-up has invented a device which helps divers to communicate under water and bridge distances of up to 20 meters.

One of the biggest risks of diving is losing your partner under water – approximately 24% of diving accidents are the result of the loss of your dive “buddy”. 86% of these accidents end fatally (data according to “Divemaster”).


Buddy-Watcher has to buttons for pairing and to send an alarm (picture: Buddy-Watcher)

Buddy-Watcher” wants to solve this issue. The smart wearable is attached to a strap which the user attaches to its arm with a strap. The device is equipped with only two buttons, a transceiver and LEDs which simplifies the usability. To start, you switch on a pair of Buddy-Watchers, press a button on both devices and that’s all it takes to pair them.

Under water you can use the big button on top of the devices to send an alarm signal to other divers using the gadget which will vibrate and flash its LEDs. The vibration is heavy enough to notify you even if you wear Buddy-Watcher over a wet- or drysuit.

On land the Buddy-Watcher reacts rather slowly to notifications. Under water it works perfectly as it uses ultrasound for communication.


Two Buddies can easily pair their devices by placing them next to each other and pressing a button (picture: Buddy-Watcher)

You can use the device up to 40 meters deep under water and send signals without disturbing the maritime wildlife around you. Stay tuned as according to the German magazine “Aquanaut” the start-up is already working on some additional functionality like automatic warnings when you get out of range of your dive buddy.

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