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Here Is How You Can BenefIoTt From The New “Broadcom”

Broadcom Limited – connecting everything

Over the last two years mergers became a real habit in the semiconductor industry. Triggered by the demand for low cost chips and the possibility to create new synergies and to expand product portfolios there has been a real “shopping-fever” amongst companies. Within this ever-changing environment of semiconductor suppliers it can get really hard to figure out the advantages of the mergers.

We’re here to help – and therefore we will explain to you how designers can actually benefit from one of the biggest deals of all: the combination of Avago and Broadcom.

The new company, Broadcom Limited, combines Avago’s strength in analog products related to optical and wireless communications and Broadcom’s focus on digital SoCs for smart home and data center markets. The two merged companies both concentrated on communications technology but mainly different product categories – this translates into the fact that they shared many customers before the merger. It has also been pretty common to find Avago as well as Broadcom parts in the same devices such as smartphones.

How do those synergies translate into a benefit? On the one hand the risk that innovation slows down exists. However with the visionary co-founder of Broadcom, Henry Samueli still in place as chief technology officer of the new company we can expect some highly innovative future products. Through the combination of the companies those might include a new line of integrated chips, smaller footprint and other new beneficial product combinations.

While those are just predictions there is already a good reason to like this merger right away. EBV Elektronik just kicked-off a campaign in cooperation with Broadcom focused on the IoT and the new company’s portfolio: Broadcom Products Enable Connectivity from the FPGA.

Looking into the new company’s portfolio you will be able to find state-of-the-art products across PCIe switches and bridges, fiber optics transceivers and embedded optics as well as RF solutions – all of which are of concern for designers working on for example IoT, data center and embedded industrial applications.

More specifically you will be able to get products based on the ExpressFabric technology, like the PEX8700 Familiy (Gen3), which offer Multi-Host PCI Express switching capability that enables users to connect multiple hosts to their respective endpoints via scalable, high-bandwidth, non-blocking interconnection to a wide variety of applications including servers, storage, communications and graphics platforms. In addition to high number lane/port count, the devices offer two NT ports and clock isolation capability.

The huge portfolio of fiber optic components, and especially the broad range of transceivers for wired networking applications such as Ethernet, Optical Transport Network (OTN), Fiber Channel (FC) and InfiniBand as well as proprietary embedded optics solutions, offers benefits like high speed data transfer, improved signal integrity, higher EMI immunity as well as proven assurance of supply and high reliability.

Add the high performance wireless connectivity portfolio of Broadcom and it get easy to see why the new company is a one stop shop for communication tech. Together with EBV’s extensive product and design know-how, which is based on years of experience with both ,the former Broadcom and Avago product portfolios, it’s now easier than ever before to build successful and smart communication and connectivity applications.

Get a deep dive on some highlight products on our campaign page here, contact us with any requests here or simply visit our EBV booth at the embedded world 2016 this week to get a glimpse at several Broadcom demos and to engage with our Broadcom and communication technology experts.