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CES 2015 – Danalock makes security smart

We found another little jewel at the huge CES 2015! The “danalock” which is designed by Poly-Control looks gorgeous and comes with great features and connectivity. The danish company offers not just one of the smartes but also cheapest solutions which are available so far. This is particular interesting taking into account that the smart lock market size is predicted to grow form 1.15 million units 2014 to 29.55 million units in 2020, resulting in CAGR revenue of more than 30% (according to a marketsandmarkets analysis).

Advantage through Bluetooth Smart & Z-wave

One of the biggest advantages of the danalock is that it is available with Bluetooth Smart as well as with Z-wave; there is also a version equipped with both wireless standards. Bluetooth makes the device compatible with nearly any smartphone on the market independently from manufacturer and OS. Z-wave makes it easy to integrate the lock easily with existing home automation devices. The version with both standards is great if you already have a smart phone and are looking for something that let’s you expand the smart home experience later on.


Another good feature is the possibility to unlock the door by only approaching it, which will be incredibly useful if you shopped more groceries than you can eat or carry! Further the apps for mobile devices and laptops enable the owner to send virtual keys to third persons allowing them to access the door. What makes this very useful is another option which allows you to limit the access to certain times e.g. to allow you’re housecleaner to enter only on Tuesday mornings. Forgot to send a key or that the schedule of the cleaner changed? No worries unlock the door from anywhere in the world using the Z-wave gateway.
If you prefer an offline solution (operating your danalock directly from smartphone to danalock without using a server link), just switch to this mode on your smartphone app, and grant pins to lock/unlock the door, without going online.


Danalock at the CES 2015 (image: Bernard Vicens, EBV)

Other highlights of the device include very easy installation and the low price starting at $159 for the Bluetooth/Z-Wave only versions and only $179 for the version equipped with booth (which we would recommend!).

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