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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas is well underway and the world is talking about all those innovations, technologies and gadgets that are supposed to improve our everyday lives. TVs bigger and with higher resolution than ever seen before, technology that makes your home more secure and more smart, innovations for the healthcare sector, virtual reality devices for better gaming experience, wearables that are useful in sports, and so on and so forth.

EBV Suppliers Showcase Their Products and Applications

One day after the internationally renowned electronics and technology trade show opened its doors, we are truly impressed by the wide range of technology. We need to take a deep breath and sort all those information. Many of our suppliers are present in Las Vegas and showcase their innovative products and applications.

At the NXP booth you can see a microwave oven that operates with an RF Transistor replacing the bulky and heavy magnetron. The new technology promises a much longer life time and no degradation.

RF and Microwave Power Solutions for Heating
NXP (Freescale Microwave oven) with RF Transistor replacing the Magnetron

Apart from technology for smart homes, the buzz is also about the automotive sector. Connected cars, autonomous driving, electro mobility are among the hottest topics at this year’s CES. Very futuristic and impressive what you can see at the Atmel booth – an in-vehicle human-machine interface (already unveiled at last year’s CES) called AvantCar uses solutions from Atmel. Driver and passengers are able to control and interact with almost everything you can imagine in the car, from navigation system, over seat position, heating and many more.

automotive dashboard
Atmel automotive dashboard

Later we met a little guy when we passed by Samsung. A robot home gateway with voice recognition and security camera based on Samsung Artik5.

Robot home gateway
Robot home gateway with voice recognition and security camera

Discovering Innovations in Consumer Electronics

On our way through the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) back to the hotel once again we had to stop by at the Skyworth booth. Movie enthusiasts would be delighted by the amazing resolution the 8K television delivers – 8K means a 16 times higher resolution than full HD. The sky seems to be the limit.

8K television
8K TV = 16 time higher resolution than Full HD!

The trade show will last until Friday, January 9th, and we are already excited about many more trends and highlights to discover in Las Vegas.