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Challenge Yourself with ebove from Activetainment

You are among the fortunate people living on a pacific island enjoying great weather the whole year? You can stop reading here – to all others: the following holds great news for you!

Activetainment, a company founded in 2012 by Ziad Badarneh, based in Oslo, Norway, developed “an entirely new solution for exercise – the Social, Dynamic and Interactive exercise concept ebove™.” The company, currently aiming to establish itself in the Bay Area, has the mission to make indoor sports and fitness as much fun as outdoor sports.

The innovative exercise equipment comes in form of a bike called “the B\01 Bike” a treadmill called “T\01” and a rower with the name “R\01”. What makes the devices unique is the motion which is simulated when you use them. The bike sports movable handlebars with breaks and gears to regulate direction, speed  and resistance, automatic incline/decline and user affected sideways tilt. In addition the gyro affects balance by regulating stiffness.
The pedal-resistane is also regulated based on the terrain which is displayed on a 14″ touch display.  This monitor is capable of 3D-animated visualisations of outdoor surroundings; the speed of the visuals is controlled by pedal movement – just like on a real bike.

This ensures a great, realistic training experience and in combination with upcoming smart virtual reality (VR) glasses, like the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift, there is a lot of potential to make it even better.

The treadmill works simultaneously, inclining and declining the running surface and automatically adjusting sideways tilt. While you battle imaginary mountains and canyons on the first two you will have to fight virtual waves with the ebove rower. The R\01 features independent oars and controllable instability giving a natural feel of rowing.


The software Activetainment delivers with its exercising products is impressive. You will be able to compete against yourself or others, through single races, series or tournaments. Doing so you can see your opponents or yourself as ghost riders on the screen. This allows you to challenge friends for a bike race from everywhere in the world, independent from location, time and outdoor weather!

On the official homepage the company states “our extended portfolios is coming up…“. We are certainly excited as in the picture below, which we took at the CES 2015, this looks like great fun!


ebove B\01 at the CES 2015 (image: Bernard Vicens, EBV)

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