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Control Your Daily Life With Just A Smart Button – Here’s Tapdo

Tapdo smart button

Smart home technology and connected devices are penetrating more and more areas of our daily life. Smartphones play a crucial role here, but also remote controls and other interfaces control lighting, heating, music systems, and other connected devices. But what if there was only one device that is able to control everything? There might be relief for you soon. Let’s introduce Tapdo!

A team of entrepreneurs from the German university town Münster, consisting of physicists, developers and designers had the idea to create a smart button that lets you control technology with single-touch, personalized biometric interactions. Users will be able to control their favourite apps and devices with just the tap of a button.

Tapdo smart button
Use the app to assign functionalities to Tapdo (Image: Tapdo)

Many people are already using fingerprints to unlock their smartphones. This security authentication method is also used by Tapdo. But the entrepreneurs went a step further. Not only can the fingerprints be used to interact with the device but the entire hand, which is unique. The fine lines that make our inimitable fingerprints also exist on the palm of the hand or on the different parts of our fingers. Thus, you have much more possibilities to assign certain functionalities for which the Tapdo app is used.

Once done the assignment, there will be no need to take the phone out of the pocket anymore every time you want to perform an action. Tapdo enables rapid, discreet interaction with no-look control. This can be very handy in situations when you need all your attention, such as while driving.

Tapdo smart button
Many applications can be controlled using the smart button (Image: Tapdo)

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Tapdo links to your smartphone which acts as a hub to connect to the different applications then. The use cases are numerous: Control lighting, navigate home entertainment, control a variety of music players, control smart plugs, perform action on your phone or use IFTTT. More scenarios are planned to be realized in the future.

Tapdo was introduced on the biggest consumer electronics trade fairs this year, on CES in Las Vegas and MWC in Barcelona. Get some more impressions of the device in the video below and click here to save your own smart button on Kickstarter!