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COVI – How A Lamp Controls Your Smart Home Applications

Covi smart home hub

You might have heard of Senic already. Yes, but not sure what it was? Need a hint? Maybe it is dawning with smart home controllers? Certainly some will see the light with the name “NUIMO”. Not least since the winning of the 2015 Red Dot and German Design award for their first crowd-funded product, the Berlin-based start-up company Senic is no longer a stranger in the IoT landscape. Now they launched their second project on Kickstarter.

If you are thinking of a new lamp for your home and at the same time are a technology freak, you definitely should consider COVI. It is discreet but what it’s got in it is really remarkable! It combines a designed lamp with a smart home hub. COVI is an enhancement of Senic’s initial product NUIMO that was able to control your music, lighting and more. Learnings from customer experience with NUIMO flowed into the development of the latest offering.

For Senic it was important that the focus is on open-API technology. Thus developers are able to create their own integrations and make it possible to integrate into other systems. Because it is an open-source platform installers and integrators can easily incorporate COVI into their unique ecosystem of devices. Connections to systems like the Tado thermostat, SONOS or IFTTT is seamlessly doable. And since all of this is not enough, it is open to other smart home systems like KNX or Samsung SmartThings.

The technology behind the multi-talent COVI however is rather simple but effective. Inside the lamp a system on module (SoM) with a Quad-core Cortex-A7 processors is running as central electronics unit. It has sufficient computing power to run the operating system, applications and servers. In order to connect to the smart devices, 150Mbps 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.0 & 2.0 and a USC Type C port for power are mounted.

Interaction with COVI will be enabled via a speech interface using several microphones, high performance 63 db SNR and differential beamforming. To illuminate your home, the lamp itself enlightens with high power LEDs and 4 RGB LED. Those enable COVI to provide the right blend of cool white light for your morning wake-up routine and warm white as you relax before bed.

Summarizing, COVI is simple way to control multiple devices in your smart home. Instead of pulling out your smartphone every time you want to set the alarm clock, turn up the AC or play your favourite music playlist. It’s built on an open source platform, which allows developers to contribute their own integrations and allows incredible transparency. And at the same time it is also a stylish piece of furniture for your home.

Learn more about COVI on Kickstarter where you can also submit your pre-order. The estimated delivery date is planned for March 2018.