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EBV 3 things we asked… Thorsten Kanwischer, Director EBV Customer Support

Our Customer Support is not just answering questions, it is the team here at EBV, that enables us to keep a very high service-standard and to satisfy a great number of customers perfectly. We asked Thorsten Kanwischer, Director EBV Customer Support three questions about this unique service.


EBV:                          What can a customer expect when contacting EBV’s Customer Support and what does the support process look like?

For our customers we are fulfilling orders between order entry of the local EBV sales office and Customer Goods Receipt in a reliable, effective and efficient manner.
Customer Support is the first partner for order and logistic related questions. We are responsible for all order administration tasks. Looking for highest customer satisfaction, reliable, flexible and optimal processes we answer any requests rapidly and unbureaucratically. With our highly competent and motivated employees we serve EBV Sales, external customers and Management and liaise with our internal suppliers like EBV Purchasing, EBV Supplier Controlling and Avnet Logistics.

EBV:                          What can someone prepare up front to speed things up?

To speed up the process we need all relevant information right from the beginning. Of course the question is always, what is relevant? Here we ask the requestor to have the order acknowledgement and customer number as well as the status of the line one is asking for on hand. Are specialties like programming involved? Furthermore a clear, but short statement about the nature of the request helps (i.e. expedite, book in, consulting, enter into order etc.).This enables us to identify the problem quickly.


EBV:                          What are the most common questions and problems you have to deal with?

The most common questions and problems we deal with are help for orders within our core system (e.g. status of order), Consignment Stock related issues like invoicing and withdrawal, Credit Release, Customer Maintenance (e.g. to enter or change email addresses to send order confirmations to), Dispatch Warehouse (to support/speed up delivery of individual orders), Early Warning(to inform about new confirmation dates) and support for existing RMA – numbers.


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