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EBV and Maxim Integrated Join Forces

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At the beginning of 2017, our distribution agreement with Maxim Integrated became effective. During the electronica 2016 trade fair in Munich, the partnership was announced. As of January 1st, the US-based company is officially part of the EBV line card. Time to introduce Maxim Integrated in more detail.

Founded in 1983, Maxim’s world headquarters is located in San José, California, United States. Globally the company has about 7100 employees and has offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Listed on the NASDAQ 100 (MXIM), Maxim gained a revenue of approximately $2.19 billion in fiscal year 2016. Those are the hard facts.

The overall goal of the agreement with EBV is to distribute Maxim’s innovative and high-performance product portfolio in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. So let’s take a closer look at its strengths and core markets.

Firstly, Maxim has a focus on the automotive market. They identified the consumer demand for increased efficiency, safety and convenience features and respectively employ the latest technologies. A wide range of automotive-qualified ICs are offered. Special focus here is on power management, RF products, keyless access, and high-speed serial links. Already in 2015 Maxim Integrated shipped its one billionth automotive IC, which is apparently its customers’ proof of confidence in the product reliability and a tremendous milestone in the company’s history.

The other mainstay and particularly important point for Europe is the focus on industrial and healthcare products, which is a business unit on its own at Maxim. Within this unit, Maxim focuses on factory automation and develops solutions for Industry 4.0 applications like the Pocket IO PLC development platform.  Moreover, they are strong in building automation, motor control, sensors, and field instruments.

Maxim Integrated Pocket-IO-diagram
Maxim’s Pocket IO PLC Development Platform

Besides these business units, Maxim is also able to offer a wide range of products for markets such as consumer, communication and computing. The first is focused mainly on mobile and wearable devices. During this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Maxim demonstrated, for instance, products that are meant to support longer battery life. Just to mention a few, visitors were able to experience solutions for system power, USB Type-C power delivery, AMOLED power, and mobile wireless charging. As a response to the growing worldwide volume in data traffic, Maxim invests in communication solutions like wireless and optical. On the other hand, vast amounts of data need to be stored and processed. Highly efficient data centres, servers and secure computing are crucial for networked communication.

A very important business area is reference designs that the company offers. A lot of them are on the market in order to help engineers evaluate components or to increase the efficiency in the design process. For example, with the MAXREFDES79# reference design project teams can quickly develop their own IO-Link master and interface for multiple industrial sensors. Maxim continuously adds to its portfolio of ready-to-use reference designs.

The MAXREFDES79# is the world’s first public and fully IO-Link®-compliant, 4-port IO-Link master reference design

Maxim’s strong portfolio of standard ICs, such as temperature sensors, industrial power products, linear regulators, interface ICs, clocks, and more, are popular offerings that can be used in a myriad of applications. Maxim continues to innovate and regularly introduces industry-leading parts. Watch out for more news at the upcoming embedded world 2017 show!

Because security is an increasingly important topic, especially with regards to connecting IoT devices, Maxim is well positioned here, too. With the MAXQ1061 DeepCover® crypto controller, electronics developers can implement security into endpoints of a network without extending time-to-market. A “cryptographic toolbox” enables key generation, secure storage as well as secure boot for most host processors without the requirement for firmware development. Read more on our latest security blog.

In a nutshell, Maxim Integrated offers an innovative and high-performance product portfolio that serves important markets like automotive and industrial. Power management is a true strength of Maxim that covers all the business units. But also with regards to the Internet of Things (IoT), the California-based company has a lot to offer, starting from wireless communication products through computing to IoT security. Let’s close with the words of David Loftus, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Maxim: “The distribution agreement with EBV strengthens Maxim’s commitment to these fast-growing markets and our customers in EMEA.” Welcome on board, Maxim!

Get in touch with EBV Elektronik to learn how you can profit from Maxim Integrated’s large product portfolio here. Also read the complete press release of the EMEA distribution agreement.

Featured image: David Loftus (Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Maxim Integrated) and Slobodan Puljarevic (President EBV Elektronik) at the electronica 2016 trade show in Munich.