Poing, Germany, 27th October 2020 – EBV Elektronik, an Avnet company (NASDAQ: AVT), and NanoXplore have signed a distribution agreement for EMEA. NanoXplore is a privately-owned fabless company based near Paris offering a comprehensive portfolio of SoCs and FPGA devices primarily targeting markets like aerospace. 

With NanoXplore EBV customers will get access to advanced, silicon-proven mature technologies up to 28nm on leading foundries. Its product portfolio includes a range of leading radiation-hardened FPGAs from low-end to high-end. They’re typically used in critical systems operating in harsh environments, such as in space or at high altitudes, as well as in high-energy physics subsystems.

NanoXplore has chosen EBV as the franchised European distributor in order to extend its share in the Space FPGA market and other niche markets such as defense, aeronautical, medical.