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EBV Elektronik Introduces Compact, Versatile LPWAN Solution Combining Performance, Power Efficiency, and Secure Operation


Poing, Germany, 24th February 2021 – EBV Elektronik, an Avnet company (NASDAQ: AVT), continues to introduce advanced communication hardware to support ongoing IoT proliferation. Part of the company’s own highly successful EBVchips program, the HERACLES 324M is a next-generation low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) module. Offering simple plug-and-play implementation, it is designed to facilitate migration from legacy 2G deployments to modern 4G technology.

At the heart of this module is a Qualcomm 9205 multi-mode chipset, which features a power-efficient LTE-M modem, along with GPRS/EDGE modem functionality. An ultra-low-power application processor is also incorporated. This has 512KB of flash memory resource, plus 160KB of embedded SRAM. UART, PCM, SPI, I2C, and 33 general purpose IO (GPIO) interfaces are also included, as well as GNSS location capabilities. The built-in SIM card allows pre-paid data packages to be utilized, thereby giving the module free access to mobile networks across Europe and thus avoiding additional operational costs. The available packages are for 50MB of data over a five-year period or 500MB over 10 years.

The compact form factor, in a land grid array with 24mm x 22mm dimensions, means that this module is suitable for implementation in a wide array of low-throughput applications such as smart metering, environment monitoring, asset tracking, mobile point-of-sales units, smart agriculture, telematics, and remote healthcare monitoring. A working temperature range of -40°C to +85°C is covered.

Thanks to a highly effective power-saving mode plus its extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) function, the HERACLES 324M module is unmatched when it comes to conserving battery charge. As a result, it can support ongoing operations for over a decade. It offers full backward compatibility with earlier models in this family with the same form factor to both the HERACLES 2G and HERACLES 224G.

“With this latest addition to the HERACLES portfolio, we are further expanding the scope of support for those looking to install new cellular IoT infrastructure or to upgrade existing implementations, said Frank-Steffen Russ, Senior Director Market Segments at EBV Elektronik. “By utilizing the extremely flexible HERACLES 324 module, customers will be able to benefit from secure, low latency communication with enhanced RF performance plus greater coverage.”