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EBV Elektronik Plays a Pivotal Role in Construction of Space-Optimized Robotic Arms

EBV Made in Space Europe

Poing, Germany, 11th November 2020 – EBV Elektronik, an Avnet company (NASDAQ: AVT), has underlined its support for ongoing space endeavour by announcing a major collaboration with Made In Space Europe. This will see EBV helping the organization to source the high-reliability component parts needed for challenging future projects.

Established in 2019, and based in Luxembourg, Made In Space Europe is a leading proponent in the development of advanced hardware for space deployment. Drawing on world class expertise in avionics, material science, structural engineering and robotics, its team specializes in the construction of robotic arms for commercial space activities – with innovative products that have gained considerable market traction. It also works directly with the European Space Agency (ESA) on certain projects, and its US operation is likewise involved with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Key to the organization’s success has been its ability to provide customers with hardware solutions, as well as appropriate software stacks, which are less expensive and quicker to implement. This is done by utilizing a unique, highly scalable modular design platform.  

There are numerous areas that the company is currently targeting for its robotic arms, covering Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and deep space missions. Among them are satellite servicing operations, space debris removal, orbital transportation services, and planetary body exploration for potential lunar and Martian surface operations.

“Previously the robotic arms for space missions had to be fully custom designs that were started from scratch. These took a long time to construct and had heavy costs associated with them,” stated Jaroslaw Jaworski, General Manager at Made In Space Europe. “We have taken a much more versatile route, allowing us to offer solutions that can be quickly adapted to specific mission requirements. This significantly accelerates project completion and keeps the engineering overhead down. The excellent team at EBV reinforces our ability to execute on these objectives, and we look forward to ramping up future activities together.”

“Made In Space Europe has been able to disrupt the market with its approach, which greatly facilitates customization, and we are excited at the prospect of working with the organization,” added Frank-Steffen Russ, Senior Director Market Segments at EBV Elektronik. “This collaboration highlights our ability to address the rapidly flourishing robotics industry, in terms of both standard and custom-built solutions.