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EBV @ embedded World 2015 – Sneak Preview

At our EBV booth in hall 5, 276 we will showcase some great Internet of Things (IoT) solutions along with embedded processing and connectivity demonstrations and our newest innovations from the EBVchips program. At 12 of the 16 working stations we welcome EBV’s manufacturing partners who will support our presence with their most sophisticated products.

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EBV Booth – Overview

EBV Elektronik – Inspired by EBV Solutionsebv-elektronik

  • EBV LS1 reference design & Layerscape ecosystem
  • JAKARTA – JAVA for Freescale Kinetis L (ARM CORTEXTM-M0+), Targeting Low Cost HMI
  • EBV & BOREA LS1 reference design
  • MicroSys miriacTM-EK5744

EBV Vertical Segments – Smart Connectivity – Safe, Secure, Everywhere!vertical-segments

  • BLE: Mesh + Audio w/ BRCM; Cypress
  • Smart Washing machine with NFC communication interface
  • Smartbridge Demo from Broadcom with WicedSense BT Smart sensors, BT Smart to WiFi gateway, webbrowser, cloud connectivity and mobile app

EBV Chips – Smart Connectivity – Safe, Secure, Everywhere!chips

Vesta Kit – Wireless module with IP500 SW stack for mesh networks initially for security and safety applications supporting BACnet interface.

New EBVchip will be announced! Stay tuned!

EBV Elektronik – Smart FPGA Solutions: MAX® 10, Security, Sensor Fusion, WiFiebv-elektronik

MAX®10 is full featured, general purpose family of programmable logic which combines typical FPGA features such as Embedded RAM, DSP Blocks and PLL’s.
The SafeFlex – FSDK is a FPGA based evaluation board in cooperation with Altera®. The SafeFlex demonstrates examples
of typical applications together with documentation and process steps, which are needed to fulfi ll all the requirements of the IEC
61508 standard up to SIL 3 and ISO 13849 standard up to Pl e Cat. 4.

STMicroelectronics – More Freedom and Scalability – Plug & Play Solutionsst

  • Nucleo plus Expansion boards concept and STM32L4 demo
  • STM32 (F334, L0, F429) & NFC discovery board, the proximity Explorer Kit

IDT – Versatile Clocking Solutions for Embedded Applicationsidt

Timing Commander Demo Station
VersaClock 5® multi-output, low-power timing solution features best-in-class jitter performance and superior design flexibility all while consuming half the power of competing devices.

NXP – Identification, Security and Embedded Processingnxp

  • NTAG I2C LDE demo
  • LPC1500 motor control solution for brushless DC motors and universal motors
  • Display solutions Touch GFX with 3 demos
  • LPC18S/43S (secure MCU) with partner Cypherbridge (security software stack running on MCU) and end product from ESL (pill dispensing/ monitoring package)
  • Maren Board, NTAG I2C Washing Machine Demo

Fairchild –Sense it: Smart Sensor Solutions Powered by Xsensfairchild

Xsens MEMS Demokit

Atmel –Inspiring Smart and Secure Connected Designs for IoTatmel

Smart Connect demo + SAMV71-XULT kit with FFT demo

Analog Devices –Innovating Sensor Signal Processing in IoT Solutionsanalog-devices

Cloud connected Wireless Sensor Networks + Sensor Fusion Demo
The “Cloud connected wireless sensor network” demonstrates how several WSN nodes are connected to a gateway and results are transmitted via the cloud.
See how Analog Devices Circuits from the lab and pmods can be used in the IoT field in the “Sensor fusion demo”.

Freescale –Secure, Embedded Processing Solutions for the Internet of Tomorrowfreescale

LS1021A-IOT Gateway Board, Kinetis
Freescale has developed a revolutionary new architecture for networking systems based on the QorIQ Trust Architecture Platform and built with ease-of-use in mind.
The Layerscape family of products deliver unprecedented efficiency, high reliability and scalability for the smarter, more secure networks of tomorrow.

Micron – Powering the Connected Worldmicron

SSD & eMMC solutions for ruggedized applications.

Avago – Embedded Optics & PCIe Switches for High Speed Data Transferavago

  • PCI Express Rapid Development Kit – PEX 8619BA-AIC4U4D
  • Avago/Enterpoint HSOptic1 evaluation board – Easy interfacing of embedded optics with FPGAs.

Texas Instruments –Connect MORE with Texas Instrumentstexas-instruments

BLE4.0 + SimpleLink WiFi/ IoT Solution
The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3200 LaunchPad (with QFN-packaged device) is an evaluation development platform for the CC3200 wireless microcontroller (MCU), the industry’s first single-chip programmable MCU with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

ON Semiconductor –Image Sensors and Power Efficiencyon

  • Camera module with Python sensor
  • Sanyo motor driver running a motor with picture which will be captured by the camera module and displayed on a laptop

 Altera – SoCrates – EBV Solutions for HMI, Secure Communication, Vision and PLCaltera

SoCrates II – The Cyclone® V SoC Starter Kit
SoCrates II is the second generation of the SoCrates Altera SoC FPGA development board. The SoC FPGA integrates a Cyclone® V FPGA with a dualcore Cortex™-A9 Hard Processor System (HPS). The HPS provides the processor cores and a rich set of peripherals. SoCrates II provides a selected set of the peripherals like Gigabit Ethernet, USB OTG, SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, ?SDCard and GPIO. The external memory chips add 1GB DDR3 to HPS dedicated HMC.

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