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EBV Is Now Listed As Preferred Security Partner by Infineon

Here at EBV, we are constantly preaching that security needs to be an essential part of every connected application and device. Headlines and events like the discovery of security flaws affecting millions of processors of different manufacturers are no reason to give up. Such happenings encourage us to find new ways of delivering our message to our customers and also to users and consumers in the market.

Connectivity is vital for a vast number of modern devices and at EBV we embrace innovation in order to create a sustainable and exciting future. However, with the rising number of connected applications, we also encourage hardware designers to consider security early in the design process. In order to support our customers, we are going the extra mile to create and offer solutions that make the integration of security chips as easy and flexible as possible.

Those endeavors have recently resulted in the industry’s first programming and personalization services for security hardware tailored to distribution customers and volumes (read more here). Within this initiative, we have worked closely together with Infineon and Data IO in order to set up a process and environment in our warehouse to personalize Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust E devices with custom OEM certificates.

The strategy and determination of Infineon to support this effort and to help customers with smaller volumes to profit from the OPTIGA™ Trust E’s excellent security features have been a vital part during the development and installation of the personalized security initiative.

Since Infineon and EBV share the passion for innovation that is based on secure and proven hardware we are happy to announce that our cooperation has now resulted in EBV’s participation in the Infineon Security Partner Network.

Within this network, Infineon is helping customers and businesses to understand security needs in the context of their application and offering tailored support for the implementation and deployment of security solutions.

EBV’s contribution as a member of the preferred security partners enables OEMs to get access to sophisticated and effective hardware authentication without facing high-expenses or risks. With the EBV services, the personalization is now scalable down even to comparably small production volumes.

We are proud to be on Infineon’s preferred security partners list and to generate value together that directly serves our customers and ultimately the consumers and users in the market.

Read more about the partnership and download the paper on the EBV Personalization Services for Security Devices here. Click here to access EBV’s Security Segment website.

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