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What You Missed About EBV Lighting Academy 2017 in Berlin

Lighting Academy Cover

Maybe it was just a coincidence that summer solstice occurred concurrently with the EBV Lighting Academy 2017. The conference was the place to be for experts and enthusiasts of lighting technology, who wanted to learn about the latest trends and developments in the industry. The EBV Lightspeed segment invited top-level speakers from renowned research institutes and established companies to share their expertise with the conference participants from June 20th to 21st in Berlin.

But during the event it was only partially about natural light as the Sun produces every day, but about artificial light. It’s for sure that our central star is the most perfect and natural light source that is at our disposal. Depending on the application area developers and lighting engineers put plenty of effort in designing luminaires whose light comes close to sun light. For instance in retail shop lighting or when it comes to workplace lighting, many improvements could be observed in the past years. But there can certainly be done more.

The agenda of the two-day lighting conference was packed with keynote speeches of companies and renowned research institutes. The topics were diverse thus the third edition of the EBV Lighting Academy was divided in the Design Day and the Technology Day.

EBV Lighting Academy 2017
Sebastian Hülck, EBV Director Segment LightSpeed, during his opening keynote

The third EBV Lighting Academy was opened by the Director of the EBV Lighting Segment, Sebastian Hülck, talking about the many opportunities EBV, as a leading specialist for optoelectronics technology in EMEA semiconductor distribution, is able to offer in terms of lighting knowledge. No matter if parameters that matter in retail lighting or special light that affects the plant growth, the EBV Lightspeed segment is able to offer its expertise. Also with the recently opened in-house Lighting Experience Center, the department is able to demonstrate its strength in the often underestimated lighting segment not only to customers.

Design Day

Author and lighting consultant Prof. Wout van Bommel followed with his speech about roadway lighting and light quality parameters. As former President of the International Lighting Commission (CIE), van Bommel also gave recommendations to the listeners about subjects like flicker and light pollution. Later on George Zaharia from the Romanian tech company Flashnet introduced the concept of inteliLIGHT, a street lighting remote management solution that ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed.

A real treat for designers were the sessions about high-end retail lighting, residential and architectural lighting design. The representatives from international heavyweight design companies LVMH, Metis Lighting and the Arup Group introduced their latest lighting design projects. They emphasised that sophisticated lighting design solutions can contribute tremendously to reducing energy appetite. Moreover they mentioned key drivers in lighting design and how modularity and interdisciplinary nature generate sustainability.

Very interesting were the keynotes of Fagerhult, Cisco and Osram that gave more insights into topics and like human centric lighting, the digitisation of buildings, and Osram’s EINSTONE, the building block in the lighting technology to link the real world and the digital world.

Technology Day

During the second day, the Technology Day, featured speeches mainly from representatives of renowned research institutes and universities who gave interesting insights into the latest research results. Dr. Sönke Fündling, Head of the Epitaxy Competence Center at TU Braunschweig, took the audience on a journey into Nano-technology. He gave a glimpse and a deep dive into the future of Nano LEDs with core-shell geometry outlining the advantages and challenges of this technology.

Flicker parameter for reducing stroboscopic effects from Solid-State lighting (SSL) systems was the topic of LRC’s Andrew Bierman. It’s a subject that every light designer is confronted with, because almost every lighting system produces flicker, a constant fluctuation of light output from on to off. Flicker on the one hand can be intentional, but on the other hand also can cause neurological problems in individuals or can affect task performance.

The well-known Fraunhofer Institute sent two speakers to report about their research subjects. Micro Optics for LED beam shaping is a field the Fraunhofer IOF institute is working on. Deterministic diffusers, fly’s eye condensers and arrayed projectors were introduced deeply. The speech of the Fraunhofer IPMS representative discussed the issue of communication via visual light using Li-Fi technology. The advantages over cable or RF, such as high data rates or real time capabilities, were discussed in detail.

EBV Lighting Academy 2017
Lighting Academy 2017 took place in the Humboldt Carré in Berlin

It is hard to put everything of the EBV Lighting Academy 2017 in one nutshell, but there is one thing to say: It was an inspiring conference. Participants were able to take away plenty of insights and ideas for their future projects. If you were not able to attend, above mentioned should give you glimpse about the current status of lighting technology and research.

If you need more information, the EBV Lightspeed team is happy to answer your questions at any time. Just contact us here. Maybe we’ll see each other during one of the next lighting events. Stay tuned!