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Experience Future Lighting Trends During EBV Lighting Academy

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It’s a phenomenon that people take for granted every single day. We are surrounded by it in every situation and use it constantly to illuminate our apartments, when using our smartphones or driving car. Light is being used everywhere and has a tremendous impact on us, even though we do not realize it a lot. It can be harmful to us but can have very positive effects too. That’s why researchers spend a lot of effort to analyse the nature of light.

From a physical point of view, light is electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength. Light can be visible or not. For instance gamma rays or X-rays can also be considered as light. Optics is the study of light and is an important research area in modern physics. Lighting engineers and designers use the latest developments and findings in their work and apply them in various application areas, not only to illuminate things but even for data communication. Did you know that?

The third edition of the EBV Lighting Academy offers a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge about lighting technology and its latest developments and upcoming trends. The conference series started two years ago in Munich. Back then the two-day event covered many topics like solid-state lighting (SSL) or materials and technologies for LED optics. When the conference in 2016 took place in Frankfurt on the Main for the second time, even a Nobel Prize laureate was amongst the speakers. Prof. Dr. Shuji Nakamura – inventor of the blue LED and Nobel Prize Winner in Physics 2014 – from the University of California in Santa Barbara introduced the blue LED and talked about the future of solid-state lighting.Lighting_Academy_2017

Also this year EBV Lighting Academy attendees will get insights from top-level speakers from the lighting industry, various research institutes and the economy. Sebastian Huelck, Director Segment Lighting at EBV Elektronik, will again moderate the event that will take place from June 20th through 21st in Berlin. The focus of the first day – “Design Day” – will be on lighting applications found in areas such as smart cities, the retail sector or architecture. The second day – “Technology Day” – will be more scientific with speeches of representatives from the Fraunhofer Institute, TU Braunschweig or the renowned Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the world’s leading center for lighting research and education.

The entire agenda of the third EBV Lighting Academy can be found on our event page with information about the topics and conference speakers.

So if you are keen to experience lighting’s cutting-edge and future developments and want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, come to Berlin in June. Seize the opportunity you won’t regret.

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