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Cruising Across Europe In The Name Of The IoT

If you follow the articles here in our blog you might have noticed already that over and over again we are issuing a specific topic. No matter if we are talking about young start-up companies or industrial heavyweights, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the subject, which comes up again and again because it determines the business in many areas nowadays. Once being only a vision in science fiction movies or novels, the IoT has become reality and we cannot get away from it anymore.

Connected technology has found its way into numerous fields. Increasingly better standards with regard to security and connectivity lead to smarter products and systems. They can be found at home, in kitchens or living rooms, in automotive vehicles, consumer and industrial applications or in the healthcare sector. The range of applications is that overwhelming that there is hardly anything that is imaginable. Most people have been in contact with such connected systems already, although they were not aware of it. And even less people have a clue what kind of technology lies behind the applications for smart homes, buildings or cities, or secure medical and wearable devices.

On An IoT Mission

That’s why we are on a mission to introduce you the new world of the Internet of Things. In earlier articles we already introduced you the NXP IoT truck, which is on the Smarter World Tour across Europe. We at EBV Elektronik are passionate about the IoT. That’s why we are part of the journey from country to country and from city to city, in order to bring the people closer to the technology aspects and to explain their challenges and benefits.

The NXP truck during IoTTechExpo in front of the Berlin Congress Center
The NXP truck during IoTTechExpo Central Europe 2016 in front of the Berlin Congress Center

Two weeks ago the truck gathered again many people who were interested in the IoT for two day in Berlin. During the world leading Internet of Things event and conference IoTTechExpo the futuristic vehicle parked in front of the Berlin Convention Center (BCC) right in the middle of the German capital, a place where many young start-up companies are located. Thus, it was the perfect place for the truck to stop and to give the visitors inspiration for further projects.

Get Inspired With Great Partners

The day after, only a few blocks away from the BCC it became even more exciting for us at the former AEG industrial area in Berlin Wedding. The Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM hosted our exclusive event dedicated to the Internet of Things. The old industrial buildings and the futuristic-looking NXP IoT truck provided a breath-taking framework for vivid conversations with our customers, engineers and students.

More than 150 demos dedicated to the Internet of Things can be explore inside of the NXP truck
More than 150 demos dedicated to the Internet of Things can be explore inside of the NXP truck

Several workshops and presentations, held by EBV experts and our partners from NXP, Fraunhofer IZM, Green Hills Software, Phoenix Contact, gave interesting insights into the latest trends and developments in the IoT area. Just to name a few, topics like wearables, processors for the IoT gateways and human machine interface (HMI), security and authentication, and IoT for a smarter world were covered. A Fraunhofer IZM representative talked about wearable and stretchable electronics for health and lifestyle, which is one of their research projects. Not surprisingly that the seminar rooms were crowded.

Hands-On IoT Technology

Because the IoT, besides other aspects, is about connectivity we showcased our RF and wireless modules that we provide in collaboration with our RF partners. There was plenty to see with regard to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular/GNSS, WiFi/WiFi + BT Combo or ZigBee. Surely, our EBVchip HERMES, a high performance M-Bus slave transceiver optimized for minimum power consumption in metering communications, had to be present. We were especially glad being able to show the products of our new partner Taoglas for the first time, since their “antenna solutions portfolio for IoT and M2M applications is a great addition to our portfolio enabling our customers to get access to leading technology and solutions as well as benefitting from in-depth application know-how and industry expertise”, comments Oliver Kanzler, Director Vertical Segment RF & Wireless at EBV Elektronik.

EBV RF & Wireless Solutions
EBV RF & Wireless Solutions

The event dedicated to the IoT concluded with a special happening in one of the seminar rooms of the Fraunhofer IZM institute. It became hands-on for the 35 participants, who got in close touch with the IoT sensor hub reference design ready for IoT applications MAREN. They had the chance to assemble the board with several extensions and then connect it via Wi-Fi to a cloud by themselves.

To sum up there is to say that we at EBV see the NXP Smarter World Tour as a great opportunity to drive the topic of IoT forward and to bring added value to our customers. This underlines the feedback that we got from them during the day.

If you also want to learn more about the Internet of Things during NXP’s Smarter World Tour, there will be the chance to do so. Check the tour dates on the NXP website for more information.