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EBV On The Road To Find The Next IoT Hero

EBV IoT Hero banner

We were truly amazed by the large number of participants in the past year’s Innovation World Cup. For the first time EBV acted as one of the sponsoring partners, the only one from the semiconductor distribution sector. The number of 940 applicants for the EBV IoT Hero, the special prize we gave for the most innovative product, made it clear for us to have bet on the right horse.

Back in January, the EBV IoT Hero Award was presented at the Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich. The Austrian company Luke Roberts was taking home the cash prize of 10,000 Euros for their smart lamp. A portrait can be found in a dedicated article published earlier on this blog.

During the second week in April, the Innovation World Cup series stopped by at different locations across Europe. As one of the main sponsors, EBV accompanied the world’s leading start-up competition when it comes to IoT and wearables technologies. At Wolves Summit and the complementing Wolves Hardware and R&D Day, a start-up event in Warsaw where important players of the Central and Eastern Europe’s start-up scene gathered. A panel discussion and presentations were organized to explain the objective behind the Innovation World Cup series.

Wolves Summit
Markus Vogt, Director Segment Healthcare & Wearables at EBV, during the panel discussion at Wolves Summit in Warsaw, Poland

What is important for IoT start-ups to be successful in this turbulent and demanding technology market? That was one of the questions that have been discussed. Certainly it is important to find the right financial partners and that documentation is crucial. But maybe more important is to have a prototype in the hands than just having an idea. Potential business partners and supporters want to have something that they can really grab.

That was basically the message to the start-ups also during the IoThingsMilan 2018 where the Innovation World Cup was spotted too. More than 2200 visitors came to Milan to visit the Italian conference leader in IoT and M2M. The latest developments on hot topics related to the Internet of Things industry, such as cybersecurity, 5G, Smart City, and Blockchain were discussed and shared amongst the participants.

IoThingsMilan IoT M2M conference
Bernard Vicens, Director Segment Smart consumer & Buildings at EBV, introducing the EBV IoT Hero at IoThingsMilan

Two important events for the European start-up community took place recently and the Innovation World Cup series was an important part of it. There will be more chances for discussions soon at further conferences. Just check the event page of IWC.

If you already have an idea for a start-up project or even a prototype, make sure to submit it and use the chance to benefit from the support of the Innovations World Cup series, such as ordering the free development kits EBVchips IRIS or HERACLES and win attractive prizes like the EBV IoT Hero special prize. Start develop the future now!