The STM32 family of 32-bit microcontrollers based on the Arm® Cortex®-M processor offers new degrees of autonomy to MCU users. It offers products combining very high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, low-power / low-voltage operation, and connectivity while maintaining full integration and ease of development. The unparalleled range of STM32 microcontrollers, based on an industry-standard core, comes with a vast choice of tools and software to support project development, making this family of products ideal for both small projects and end-to-end platforms.

The Arm® Cortex®-M7-based STM32H7 MCU series leverages ST’s Non-Volatile-Memory (NVM) technology to reach the industry’s highest benchmark scores for Cortex-M-based microcontrollers with up to 1327 DMIPS/ 3224 CoreMark executing from embedded Flash memory.

The STM32H7 series includes three product line groups:

  1. Dual-core lines: Arm® Cortex®-M7 and Cortex®-M4 cores can respectively run up to 480 MHz and 240 MHz, enabling more processing and application partitioning. Dual-core STM32H7 product lines are available with an embedded SMPS for improved dynamic power efficiency.
  2. Single-core lines: single-core Cortex®-M7 offers either great performance at 550 MHz or a unique combination of performance and power saving at 280 MHz and 34 µA (typ) in STOP mode.
  3. Value lines: With an embedded 128 Kbytes Flash memory, the STM32H750/B0 MCUs are cost-effective STM32H7 devices.

EBV and ST will bring you the latest developments of ST’s unmatched variety of its STM32 MCUs. All sessions will be live, and you will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered. Tune in to live sessions or the on-demand webinars!

Also, we are raffling off 30 free Eval boards per session: NUCLEO-H723ZG, NUCLEO-WL55JC1, STM32L562E-DK, NUCLEO-G071RB, STM32H735G-DK. The registration will be exclusively open to webinar participants at the end of each session. So don’t miss out!

In part 1 of 5 of the STM32, ST Webinar series, we will give a comprehensive review of the STM32H7 family, including the dual-core family & single-core family. Attendees will understand the challenges of developing high-performance applications, High-end HMI, and Advanced Security for the IoT. Register here for session 1

In part 2 of 5 from the STM32 webinar series – learn about STM32Wx solutions and their compatibility with various protocols, from point-to-point and mesh to wide-area networks with outstanding low-current consumptions and built-in security features. These wireless MCUs feature a 2-in-1, dual-core architecture built around an MCU and a radio transceiver. Learn about these highly cost-efficient SoC solutions. Register here for session 2!

In part 3 of 5 of the STM32 webinar series – attendees will have the opportunity to put to practice building on the Cortex-M33, which raises security for small devices. Combining Arm’s TrustZone® hardware-based security, ST’s #STM32L5-series MCUs add a layer of security enhancements, including flexible software isolation, secure boot, key storage, and hardware cryptographic accelerators. Register here for session 3!

In part 4 of 5 of the STM32 webinar series, learning about STM32G0 as the newest family of mainstream microcontrollers (MCU) meant for cost-oriented consumer and industrial applications. This MCU has a Cortex-M0+ core at 64 MHz and robust architecture with a securable memory area. Learn all about it here: Register here to attend session 4!  

In part 5 of 5 of the STM32 webinar series – learn about the building blocks of STM32Trust! A robust, multi-level strategy to enhance #security in new products. Learn all about STM32 microcontrollers augmented with #STSAFE secure elements. This solution allows developers a comprehensive toolset to protect their design’s valuable assets, such as software IP and data. Register here for session 5!  


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