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EBV receives Distributor of the Year Award.

The 13th ‘Distributor of the Year’ Award goes to EBV Elektronik. 22 Distributors competed for the award, which includes the following categories: Active Components, Passive Components, Electromechanics, Optoelectronics, Displays and Embedded.

The Voting Process

Almost 2500 participants cast their votes on the portal elektronik.de. The vote, in the above mentioned categories, was decisive enough to pronounce a winner. Individual distributors were evaluated according to the following criteria: overall impression, delivery service, technical competence & support, product portfolio and product availability. The two basic criteria are delivery service and product availability.

Word from Frank Riemenschneider, Editor-in-Chief of Elektronik, on the results:

“The overall competitive pressure in the industry has once again been reflected this year in the high marks the distributors received; Considering that even the third place winners in all categories achieved scores better than a 2 and that the distance to the winner is often only expressed in the second decimal place, one can only congratulate the entire industry on its great performance. Healthy competition is always the optimum from the customer’s point of view, and this is undoubtedly the case in distribution.”