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EBV Wolpertinger Marketing Awards 2015 – Everything You Need To Know!

The EBV Wolpertinger Awards 2015 took place yesterday. During the award show which honoured the best and most successful marketing and communications actions in cooperation with our suppliers we announced a special highlight:

EBV’s IoT campaign which will support our customers in designing successful applications for a  “Smart, Secure, Connected – Everywhere”!

The IoT push was announced with the stunning visual of a young woman embedded in an exciting background picture.

IoT Frau 2

The EBV IoT visual – stay tuned for the final image which will be released in the next days!

During the show IDT, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Infineon and again Texas Instruments won awards in the categories EBV social media, EBVtv video, EBVuni webinar, EBVviral video and EBV integrated marketing campaign.

Read the full story and see some pictures of the special evening below & watch the full summary in the video below!


EBV Wolpertinger Marketing Awards 2015 – Here Are The Winners & A Very Special Announcement

Wow what an incredible night! The Wolpertinger Marketing Awards during which EBV honoured the amazing efforts, cooperation and teamwork with its suppliers has lived up to the high expectations.

Campaigns and promotional services in cooperation with our suppliers help our customers to stay on top of the newest and best performing semiconductor products and to always know which solutions are best suited for their applications. This ensures they are capable to develop and design the great products and realise the innovative ideas they do.

The Wolpertinger Awards are in place to reach two main goals: We want to create a competitive atmosphere which encourages our suppliers and also our selves to create the best and most beneficial campaigns for our customers. However the main reason which is why we started this event series last year and now hosted the awards for the second time is to say thank you to all the people behind these marketing and communication services.

So let’s get to it: What happened during the ceremony in Grassau, Germany? Who won?

The night kicked-off when the doors opened and the audience consisting out of supplier partners, FAEs and EBV folks entered the location.


The audience was welcomed with traditional Bavarian treats

Bernd Schlemmer, Vice President Communication at EBV, started the show entering the stage and surprised everyone with a special announcement.

EBV supports customers across EMEA with sensors, connectivity, low-power microcontrollers and embedded processors. Now we utilize our extensive experience to help you to connect your applications and secure them in order to develop successfully for the Internet of Things (IoT).

To do so Bernd Schlemmer introduced our new IoT push and revealed the stunning campaign image. A young woman perfectly camouflaged through body painting is embedded in a background picture consisting out of a city and connecting lines between smaller graphics symbolising the different and now connected aspects of our daily lives. 


Bernd Schlemmer, VP Communications, presents the EBV IoT visual

Welcome to EBV’s vision of a “Smart, Secure, Connected – Everywhere”!

Moving on to the first award in the category social media Antonio Fernandez, Director Technical Marketing at EBV, took over the microphone. Social media quickly grew to a vital part of our communication offering a great feedback channel and helping us to deliver tailored messages to our followers.

Take a look at the nominations in the video below. Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and IDT were not the only valuable partners with which we lead conversations online – but they did have an edge on the others during the last fiscal year (July 2014 – June 2015).

We say huge congratulations to the winners at IDT! They took social media engagement to the next level and partnered with us for a funny picture contest with the IDT Timing Commander (see some results here).


IDT – winning the EBV Wolpertinger Award for best social media

Moving on to the best performance in the category EBVtv video John Langford, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing Northern Europe/RSA, appeared on stage. Our EBVtv videos aim at summarising complex topics and product ideas in short and easy to understand clips in order to help you to get an overview about a topic in the most time-effective way.

Checkout the nominated videos from ONSemi – Working together on IGBT, Texas Instruments –  Reference Designs and Texas Instruments – Synchronous Simple Switchers summarised below.

In this category Texas Instruments received the Wolpertinger Award – well done!


Texas Instruments takes home the award for best EBVtv video

Rudy Van Parijs, Vice President Sales & Marketing Southern Europe, invited the audience to join him reviewing the best performances qualifying for the next award: EBVuniversity. Within this program EBV hosts online trainings and webinars in order to educate our customers and help them to get a deep understanding of new technologies and solutions.

Here are the nominated partners with their training session: ISSI – Linear LED Drivers – How to get the most out of them, NXP – NFC Everywhere and STMicroelectronics – Release your Creativity with STM32.

Congratulations to STMicroelectronics for taking the win.


STMicroelectronics smiling and holding the award for best EBVuniversity webinar

Next up have been the EBVviral videos presented by Thomas Staudinger, Vice President Vertical Segments and Technical Marketing. These short clips are our way to express our passion for semiconductors and electronics in a funny way – looking at the number of views there seems to be quite a big audience enjoying those videos with us.

This year’s best entries came from Infineon with “We live Energy Efficiency” and two from Texas Instruments “The Sixth Sense” and “Stop Searching – We found the needle in the Haystack”.

The little golden name plate on the award spells Infineon! Congratulations.


There has been no better viral video in the FY15 – Infineon wins the award

Last but certainly not least Slobodan Puljarevic, President and CEO of EBV, entered the stage to present you the best performing integrated marketing campaign of the last fiscal year. In this category we honour the combination of efforts using all available marketing and communication tools.

The Freescale – Layerscape, ONSemi – Power Inside and Texas Instruments – TI Designs campaigns generated a lot of success throughout the last months – watch the nomination video below to learn why.

Congratulations and a second award go to Texas Instruments!

TI Integr Camp

Texas Instruments holding up the second award – best integrated marketing campaign!

Bernd Schlemmer appears on stage one last time to wrap up the evening. Here is to a great past year filled with inspirational campaigns and to an even more exciting future. Thanks and congratulations to the winners.