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EBV Wolpertinger Marketing Awards 2016 – And The Winners Are…!

Already for the third time in a row it was the time of the year again, when we met in the beautiful Chiemgau to celebrate the “EBV Oscars” award show yesterday. Located south of the “Bavarian See”, the Chiemsee, many of our supplier partners and EBV employees came to Grassau for this extraordinary event. Everybody was curious who would win the EBV Wolpertinger Marketing Award, which was given to honour the best and most successful marketing and communication activities in cooperation with our suppliers.

Last year’s event was still echoing during the evening yesterday, not only because of the exhilarating awards show, but also because of the announcement of the official launch of the EBV IoT campaign. Since then a lot of water ran down the Isar River in Munich, and hard work was invested in plenty of activities and mutual cooperation together with our partners. Hard work that lead to much originality, creativity and not to forget to a lot of fun. The result were exceptional campaigns, and the best out of them were nominated for an award in the following categories:

  • EBV University
  • EBVtv Video
  • EBV Social Media
  • EBV Viral Video
  • EBV Integrated Marketing Campaign

As is every competition, the nominees have emerged based on hard facts, such as video views, social media reach or website clicks in the course of the past fiscal year. Our joint campaigns and promotions are aimed to provide our customers with the latest information about best performing semiconductor products and the best solutions for their applications.

But now enough with the preliminary skirmishing, let’s provide you with the highlights of the evening and of course the winners of each category. As usual the audience was lead through the award show by EBV Vice President Communications Bernd Schlemmer. After a short opening speech we went for the real thing. The first nominees were introduced.

Antonio Fernandez, EBV Vice President Technical Development, presented the candidates for the best EBV University: Broadcom, Texas Instruments and Analog Devices. The first envelope was opened and the first winner called out: Analog Devices. The ADI representatives entered the stage and accepted the award.

Wolpertinger Winner Analog Devices
Analog Devices receiving the award for EBV University “High Performance PLL & PLLVCO Products for RF Designs”

Then things really got going. The second laudatory, Janez Pokorn, EBV Vice President Sales & Marketing East Europe, called out the nominees for the best EBVtv video: Texas Instruments, Toshiba and Atmel.

Still a guest at the EBV headquarters in Poing last week during the 20th anniversary partnership celebration, yesterday at the stage as Wolpertinger Award category winner:  Toshiba. What a great week for them!

Wolpertinger Winner Toshiba
Toshiba got the Wolpertiger Award for their EBVtv “Flash Nand Technology”

Bernd Pfeil, EBV Vice President Sales & Marketing Central Europe, was then responsible to reward the candidates for the category Social Media: NXP, Infineon and STMicroelectronics.

The colleagues from STMicroelectronics made the race this time with their campaign about the STM32 and could take the award – in form of a wooden disc – home.

Wolpertinger Winner STMicroelectronics
STMicroelectronics was honoured for their social media campaign on “STM32”

The next category, EBV Viral Video, was presented by William Caruso, EBV Director Supplier Marketing. Short trailers of the videos were played: The EBV “Making of the IoT” campaign, Fairchild “Battling sense of Orientation” and Analog Devices’ “The Assistant 2.0”.

The tension was getting higher and higher! The colleagues from Fairchild went crazy when they realized they were the winners of this category.

Wolpertinger Winner Fairchild
Fairchild’s EBV Viral Video “Battling Sense of Orientation” won the prize

The award celebration slowly turned to the end with the presentation of the last category: EBV Integrated Marketing Campaign: ON Semiconductor, Analog Devices and NXP Semiconductor.

Once again it became quite in the audience room so you could have heard a pin drop. Thomas Staudinger, EBV Vice President Marketing, then let the cat out of the bag: ON Semiconductor.

Wolpertinger Winner ON Semiconductor
The award for the “Integrated Marketing Campaign” category went to ON Semiconductor

For a last time the host Bernd Schlemmer entered the stage to wrap up the ceremony. He thanked and congratulated all the winners once again when suddenly the spot was on the audience room’s door and two ladies came in with a beer carriage trailing in their wake. What was going on? It turned out that it was Slobodan Puljarevic’s turn now to tap the barrel of fresh beer. The surprise literally covered his face. But he did an awesome job and on his part surprised the crowd. After only two strokes he was able to shout “O’zapft is” and therewith marked the beginning of the party! What a great night!