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EBVchips Heraclesuino 224G Development Kit Introduced at embedded world 2019

Heracles 224G Visual

Frank-Steffen Russ, Director Market Segments at EBV Elektronik, made it official on stage during the EBV press conference at embedded world 2019 in Nuremberg: The Introduction of the development kit Heraclesuino 224G.

Frank-Steffen Russ during the EBV press conference at embedded world 2019 in Nuremberg

The latest device within the EBVchips program was developed in collaboration with our partners Orange, SIMcom, STmicroelectronics, Taoglass and Avnet Abacus and provides a solution that makes it easy to test and design a mobile IoT application. As it is based on the Heracles 224G module the kit is able to support 2 and 4G prepaid connectivity. It includes all the necessary features for most mobile and non-mobile IoT applications, and incorporates a wide range of sensor technology.

Low power management as well as sensor management, module management and the MQTT/MQTTS protocol up to the transfer to the cloud will be executed by the reference application. A source code will be delivered which allows the customers to find the best fit to their application. Further individual features can easily be added thanks to the kit’s compatibility with Arduino shields.

For more information about technical specifications and package details of the development kit visit our EBVchips Heracles website here.