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Bees and Their Role in our Ecosystem

Bees play an important role in maintaining balance in our ecosystem. Our food production, biodiversity, and ecological sustainability depend on them. According to the Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations (FAO), at least 30% of world crops and 90% of all plants in the world, require cross-pollination in order to spread and multiply. Here in Europe, bees are our most significant pollinators. According to a Greenpeace study about bees, we have a bee to thank, for every third bite of food we eat. That’s how big of a role bees have in our ecosystem. Another amazing statistic about bees is that a bee colony can pollinate up to 300 million flowers a day, which makes them essential for farming.  

Picture 1: Courtesy from EBV’s own employee – Udo Roeber – of his beehives in Crete, Greece.
Picture 2 taken by EBV’s own Daniel Bartz, showing his beehives in Poing, Germany.

Climate Change and Bees

However, climate change causes some flower species to blossom earlier in the year, which significantly impacts bee food resources. European soil is seriously endangered due to bee habitat destruction and loss of bee-friendly flowers. Most colonies today perish due to strong neonicotinoid pesticides used in farming. Since the beginning of the ’90s, farmers and beekeepers have started noticing the progressive decline of bee populations. Another issue is that hives and colonies also die, perish, starve or just leave their habitat due to poor environmental conditions.

EBV Solution

EBV has a long history of caring for the environment and this is one of the environmental issues where we felt that we needed to get involved and offer a solution. The first thing that we did was meet with the local beekeeper association in Poing, Germany, where we are building a bee house, in order to improve their working conditions. Furthermore, we’re using the momentum of our 50th anniversary to invite our partners to join our cause and ensure an even bigger positive impact. Since technology is our passion, we are continuously finding creative ways to implement technology in an environmentally friendly way. Our business partners are invited to join our cause and support us in this endeavor. Let’s make our world a bit greener. #EBVforEnviroment #EBVsavestheBees

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