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EBV & Texas Instruments talk Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the hottest buzz word in almost all high-tech markets these days, generating tons of news every week. The IoT basically describes the connectivity of devices and applications to the internet, enabling these “things” to communicate and interact with other things and humans in the network. This interconnectivity creates so many new ideas and holds so many possibilities that it seems hard to keep up with it. We brought two experts from Texas Instruments and EBV together at our Electronica booth in order to talk about this fast moving trend: Jan Pape, Sales Director EMEA Distribution Texas Instruments and Thomas Staudinger, Vice President Vertical Segments and Technical Marketing  EBV Elektronik.

During the conversation the two industry experts addressed key topics within the IoT movement. The important communication between all kinds of devices is enabled through semiconductor technology, making the trend very important for the electronic component sector.

The IoT is increasing the amount of semiconductors into spaces we didn’t think!
Jan Pape

The buzz around the communication and network of every-day devices in- and outside our homes generates a lot of euphoria but there are also challenges we need to overcome in order to move to a truly connected world.

 …when connectivity started it was computers and mobile phones, with big accounts and big companies driving that. Within the IoT we’re looking at a very diverse portfolio of customers; customers that move into that market as a start-up or as a company that has a very clear focus and they need help. There is not a wireless standard, there is not a security standard – companies are looking for guidance on that; there is not the ideal solution when it comes to power etc.
Thomas Staudinger

The diverse and broad spectrum of different companies working in the IoT space requires customised support. Especially when keeping in mind, that many of the start-ups in the field do not have a lot of experience with electronics and semiconductors. Therefor huge manufacturers like Texas Instruments need a good network of distributors and third parties to approach the market successfully.

… there are companies that have not really that much electronic experience which have to come up with integration capabilities like connectivity, interface, security, processor, memory, etc.; combined with a lot of varieties of new start-up companies that creates for us the need to have strong partners like EBV to be able to serve those and to connect the dots – but also a third party network because there are software requirements which is not something we focus on as we focus on the technologies of components. But with your connection to the customers and our third party network there are a lot of opportunities I see coming up.
Jan Pape

While we are still in the early stages of the IoT we are also eager to know what the two semiconductor veterans see as the next big trend on the horizon.

One of the things I personally believe in, is that we are right now building the platform with the IoT for autonomous devices – like robotics, like drones – stuff that basically has the intelligence and is getting more and more independent.
Thomas Staudinger

More on the topic in the EBV ready for the IoT – Whitepaper published by Thomas Staudinger.

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