The second day of the electronica 2014 in Munich has seen even more visitors than the first one. Today we did not only welcome a lot of customers at our booth and lead great conversations at our lounge but also held the EBVchips press conference. This and some other highlights made the day very exciting and unforgettable. Here is the summary of what happened at our booth in hall A5 575 and elsewhere.


 EBVchips Press Conference

In the early afternoon Dr. Eckart Voskamp, Director EBVchips, introduced the new EBVchips branding and strategy as well as the current roadmap to the journalists at the electronica. During the presentation the audience learned everything around the benefits for customers and suppliers, the all new EBVchips web page, the EBVchip Vesta and more. We will follow up on the great information session in the near future with more details and videos, until then see the pictures below for some insights.

 New Videos from our EBV Booth

We further had the chance to get and edit some new video clips for you, explaining some of the demonstrations we present at our booth. See all clips from the show in our YouTube Playlist.

LIVE from #elec14: ESL Smart Solutions at the EBV Booth

ESL SMARTpack Medication adherence keeps up with your pills

This great device, using NFC technology and an Electric Imp WiFi module keeps track of the pills a patient has to take during medical treatment. The system controls the right medicine amount and date to keep patients safe. The pills taken can be visualised and controlled via e.g. an iPad from everywhere as the data is sent to the cloud. This means doctors can keep an eye on their patients and contact them immediately to prevent risks in case of wrong medication.

LIVE from #elec14: Bernard Vicens, Director Vertical Segment Consumer

Connected Safety, Thermostat and Weather Devices on one Table

At this terminal of our booth we show a thermostat which is connected to your smartphone and allows remote control. Also we display a weather station for in- and outdoor weather data which can be accessed also via smartphone and the internet. The third device is an all-in-one safety monitor for your home, keeping track of smoke, temperature, humidity and more.

LIVE from #elec14: Frank-Steffen Russ, Director Vertical Segment Automotive

NFC and kissing Chameleons

Here we show you how NFC technology can be used to change the color of a device. The color can also be adapted via the smartphone. The second demonstration explained in the video is a vehicle black box which can position your car and send the data to the cloud. The information can be used by insurances or roadside assistance for example.

LIVE from #elec14: Harald Friedrich, Director Vertical Segment FPGA

Innovative Machine Vision Development Platform

The SoCrates Starter Kit provides a full system development environment for software and hardware engineers to launch their projects. It provides access to many of the peripherals found on the Altera SoC including 32-bit DDR3 Memory, Ethernet, USB, GPIO, CMOS sensor boards and a TFT display.

After this great day we are already looking forward to tomorrow at the electronica. Follow us on our LiveWall!