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Embedded World 2015 – Day 2 Recap and new EBVchip Maia

The second day of the embedded World 2015 was even busier than the first one. Especially our EBV booth was crowded the whole day with visitors interested in the big number of Internet of Things demonstrations.

Today we took a chance to discover the booths of our suppliers and found some highly interesting highlights. At Freescale we were introduced to very sophisticated smart home demonstrations, at the Atmel booth our attention was drawn to some exciting connected car solutions and Infineon presented the “iBadge” device identity management system for smart some solutions.

EBV introduces new EBVchip Maia

In the afternoon we hosted a special press event with Thomas Staudinger, EBV VP Vertical Segments, talking about the IoT and Industry 4.0 for which EBV can provide comprehensive support in EMEA through the Vertical Segment structure. The highlight of our day was the introduction of the new EBVchip Maia!

Maia is a single embedded low cost wireless M-Bus RF Module developed specially for the AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) smart metering and smart grid infrastructure where the Wireless M-Bus standard (EN13757-4) and OMS standards are used.

Its high quality, small form factor: 15mm x 14mm makes it ideal for SMD assembly. The module offers low power consumption which is achieved with STM’s ultra-low power microcontroller STM 32L05 and SPIRIT1, the low power Sub-GHz data rate transceiver. Also on board is an ultra-miniature balun, BALF-SPI-01D3 matching SPIRIT1 and supporting the connection to an external antenna, therefore saving space and cost. In addition, Maia includes an industry proven wireless M-Bus and OMS-layer to OMS 3.X and OMS 4.X specifications.  As the user can integrate their region-specific application layer there is no need for an external host controller.  The module is also pre-certified and conforms to EUR & TTE directives.

More information here.

Day 2 – The Videos

We did it again! Here are the takes from our booth with Atmel, EBV/3T, STMicroelectronics and Micron.

STMicroelectronics – More Freedom and Scalability – Plug & Play Solutions

Watch ST’s Jean-Marc Broudic explaining the Nucleo plus Expansion boards concept and STM32L4 demo and more at the embedded World 2015.

EBV Elektronik – Smart FPGA Solutions

Harald Friedrich, Director Vertical Segment FPGA, explains the features and key benefits of our Socrates board and Richard Mijnheer from 3T shows a very sophisticated camera tracking demo.

Micron – Powering the Connected World

Bill Stafford from Micron gives you a brief update on Micron products and the IoT as well as the Micron MCPs.

Atmel – Inspiring Smart and Secure Connected Designs for IoT

Seraphin Bikek explains the Smart Connect demo and the SAMV71-XULT kit with FFT demo at our EBV booth at the embedded World!

The second day in Pictures


Great Interview with Thomas Staudinger and Steve Wainwright


Innovation in a shelf!


Micron at EBV Booth


Busy afternoon

Tomorrow is the last day of the embedded World and we still feel energised to talk some IoT and technology with everyone at the show!

For live updates as always feel free to use our EBV Embedded World Live Wall!