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Embedded World 2015 – EBV Booth Video Recap

The embedded World 2015 has ended yesterday and we just finished the last 5 videos from our working stations around the CO2 neutral EBV booth. The 16 two-minute-clips provide you with a great introduction to each demo we showcased in our booth. 

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EBV Booth – The Videos

Analog Devices –Innovating Sensor Signal Processing in IoT Solutions

Vidushi Kshatri speaks about the Sensor Fusion demo explaining how Analog Devices Circuits from the lab and pmods can be used in the IoT field as well as the cloud connected wireless sensor network demo. In addition Ajai Gambhir  talks about Analog Devices’ IoT strategy.

Fairchild –Sense it: Smart Sensor Solutions Powered by Xsens

Joseph Notaro from Fairchild explains the new motion tracking solutions enabled by Farichild technology as well as the Xsens MEMS Demokit.

ON Semiconductor –Image Sensors and Power Efficiency

Joost Seijnaeve from ON Semiconductor showcases the Python image sensor demo at the EBV booth at embedded World 2015. A picture rotating with about 1000 rpm is captured by the sensor with very low noise due to the small integration time.

NXP – Identification, Security and Embedded Processing

Ross Bannatyne talks about the NXP NTAG I2C LDE demo together with ESL, the Launch of the LPC18S/43S secure MCUs and the EBV Maren Sensor Processing Solution  demo.


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