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Embedded World 2018 Day Two – A Special Sense For The IoT

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The second day of embedded world 2018 is over and we again gained a lot of knowledge, which we want to share with you here. Already yesterday we had an exciting day on our booth as we could present product news to the crowd. Read more here in yesterday’s blog.

During the second day our booth was even more crowded. Most likely the word has gotten around that everything that is needed to successfully realize IoT projects can be found on our booth and the workstations of our manufacturing partners.

Once again STMicroelectronics showcases its solutions to the customers. Based on the STM32 microcontroller, the French semiconductor manufacturer shows various possibilities to realize graphics applications and also to develop graphical user interfaces (GUI) quick and easy. Of course the ST flagship cannot be missed at this exhibition, the STM32H7. Visually rich and dynamic UI designs can be enabled for diverse applications in smart homes and the industrial, consumer or healthcare sector. Watch this video and learn more from ST Technical Marketing Manager Jean-Marc Broudic:

Crucial for Internet of Things application are sensors of different kinds. Broadcom is known for its optical sensor portfolio. Brand new and just released at embedded world 2018 is the AFBR-S50. This multi-pixel distance and motion measurement sensor is based on the optical Time of flight principle. The product was developed in order to perform precise distance sensing, which is needed in industrial applications, robotics or automation and control. But also in gesture sensing applications the module, which has an integrated laser light source, can be applied.

With this sensor special focus was put on the need for highest speed, which is realized by measurement rates of up to 3 kHz, very low power consumption. Finally, its small size and weight is helpful when designing the application. In this video you will learn more with Sebastian Bauer from Broadcom and get an impression how it performs:

A busy day is coming to an end, and there is only one left during this year’s embedded world exhibition in Nuremberg. So we will use the rest of the time to explore even more during this event highlight of the year. Stay tuned or if you can make it: Visit us on booth 229 in Hall 3A of the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre!