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ePawn is working on a Board Game Revival – but the Technology is capable of a lot more!

The french startup ePawn is developing NFC and RFID enabled board games which allow real-time tracking of objects including a tag on a surface. With this technology the company wants to bring back the simple thrill of touch feeling and bridge the real and virtual world to provide a unique user experience.


image: ePawn

Compatible with off-the-shelf NFC front-end readers and with standard microcontrollers, ePawn architecture and firmware is capable to track the position of several NFC tags simultaneously, in real time and on large surfaces. The technology, refreshing at up to 120 Hz,tracking movement at millimetre precision and measuring rotation at the degree level, isn’t particular new as ePawn is working on the idea since 2012. However, a feature which enables your standard NFC device like your smartphone to connect to the board via Bluetooth and act as computer, opens up a whole range of possible use cases.

Integrated into surfaces e.g. on tables the technology could be used to control TVs, smart home applications or other Internet of Things (IoT) devices around your house and office. Based on where you put your smartphone and where you position your laptop a desk would be able to determine if you are working and send this information to your smart home hub. In combination with other gadgets like NFC-gloves, pens and screens you could create a bunch of exciting applications and user interfaces based on ePawn’s idea.  The company already produced some clips about possible use cases like implementing the technology into smart covers for smartphones and tablets.


Home automation

Smart cover for mobile gaming

Toys in video games


ePawn licenses its patented technology to companies across multiple industries, ranging from video games and toys to high-tech devices and home automation, collaborating with chipsets and final products manufacturers.

Featured Image: ePawn Flikr