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Fast, flexible, and easy prototyping for IoT applications

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Easy and fast prototyping with Infineon’s Shield2Go boards. They are equipped with one featured Infineon IC and provide a standardized form factor and pin layout for fast orientation. All boards come with solderless connectors allowing designers to stack the boards instead of soldering them. Each Shield2Go comes with a dedicated and ready-to-use, free Arduino library, available on Github. The Shield2Go boards are compatible with all Arduino solutions by the Infineon’s My IoT adapter.

You can choose your IoT starter combination XMC™2GO shield in combination with the following shields:

Pressure Sensor

S2GO PRESSURE DPS310 Shield2Go equipped with XENSIV™ barometric pressure sensor S2Go_Pressure_DPS310 is an Arduino shield including DPS310. It comes together with Arduino library and it is pin-to-pin compatible with Infineon XMC2Go MCU board and can be easily connected to different Arduino boards by using Infineon Shield 2Go Adapter.

Silicon Microphone

Infineon’s Shield2Go boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with two High-performance digital MEMS Microphone IM69D130 and come with a ready to use Arduino library.

Security Solution with Optiga Trust X

This Shield2Go board is equipped with one OPTIGA™ Trust X security chip and comes with a ready to use Arduino library.

More 2GO kit information can be found here:

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