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Find Your Parking Lot With French Start-Up PARKISSEO

Smart Parking Assistant

Parkisseo LogoIf you are a driver you’ve certainly been faced with situations like this already, when you had an appointment downtown, running a bit late already, and you couldn’t find a parking lot. You can literally feel your blood pressure rise. The first drops of sweat run down from your forehead. After quite a while you finally found a space where you could squeeze your car, paid a ticket and made it only a few minutes late to your appointment. But the meeting took longer than expected. Back to your car you recognize that you were fined by the traffic warden. How great!

But the good news is, that situations like this could belong to the past soon. The French IoT start-up PARKISSEO is working on a solution that could save your time, money and nerves. PARKISSEO is about “smart parking”. Users of the system will be aware of where to find the closest empty parking spot. Furthermore, identification ensures that specific places are properly used, such as parking for disabled people or taxis. Finally, you don’t even have to think about paying parking fees, because the system does that automatically for you too. How does that sound?

City Park

You most likely have a clue already how PARKISSEO works. Correct, the answer are sensors. They are placed on parking spots which detect occupancy and broadcast it on the web and smartphone app. The sensors get the magnetic field around them, so they “know” if their parking spot is occupied. Then, they transmit the information to the application using LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network technology. Regarding the system’s ability to detect whether there is enough space for your car, the response is easy for delimited places. PARKISSEO can tell you whether the lot is empty or occupied.

PARKISSEO is one of the companies that have been chosen by Le Connected Camp, a French IoT start-up accelerator, to join their accelerator’s program. The aim of this program is to assist young companies with the market launch of their prototypes.

We are partner and sponsor of Le Connected Camp and had the chance to speak to PARKISSEO CEO Régis Duhot:

Regis Duhot

What have been the major challenges during the development process?

The main challenge has been so far to calibrate sensors in order to ensure they detect cars accurately, avoiding false detections.

How is Le Connected Camp helping you to achieve your goals?

Le Connected Camp is helping by providing a good “work environment”, mixing start-uppers all facing same kind of issues. In addition, plenty of mentors with different expertise – both entity and individuals – are available to provide advices when necessary.

If you want to find out more about PARKISSEO and their latest news, just visit their website here.

You’re also running an IoT start-up and want to be part of the accelerator’s program of Le Connected Camp, you can apply here.